On 11th July 2019, Suresh Chavhanke the charismatic editor of national news channel Sudarshan TV, holds up a Public Parliament, at Jantar mantar, New Delhi to discus the problem caused by overpopulation as well as to demand for a bill to control population in-front of the Modi Government 2.0. The Public Parliament was inaugurated by Minister of Animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries , Suresh Chavhane and major prestigious personalities of our country. The Public Parliament was boosted from the words of Suresh Chavhane, when he started his speech with the slogan “BHARAT MATA KI JAI” and “HUM DO HAMARE DO TO SABKE DO” following which he acknowledge the crowd why the programme have been called and what are the major concerns related to the population and how the population of the Hindus are depleting day by day both at international and national level, also over population have become a threat for the country, later  he invited respected guest Mr. Giriraj Singh to speak few words to upon the issue, Giriraj Singh initiated his speech from the slogan “BHARAT MATA KI JAI”, boldely expressing his views he blamed the Fanatic communities, for the reason for the over population and agrees with views of Suresh Chavhanke for “HUM DO HUMARE DO TO SABKE DO” speaking for which he address the present people by addressing the history of making of Pakistan on the basis of religion, increase of the population of our country from 2.8 Billion to 30 Billions and still counting.

Giriraj Singh pointed out the intolerance shown by the Muslim community whenever policies upon Tipple Talak or sharia comes up, with relation to Hindu community who never argued or revolted against the Sati practise or child marriage and calmly accepted and eradicated such rituals, talking about the depleting population of Hindus he asked the audiences what is the reason behind it, he mentioned the population boom by the Muslim communities who have been pushing Hindus out from their own land, in context we can see the example of Pakistan where the population of Hindus was 22% during 1947 and now even less then 1%, he also warned for the generation of new Pakistan by expelling Hindus from their native land by means rapidly increasing their population, for which he gave the example of kairana and Kashmiri Pandits who were made to leave their home land by force and threat as the population of Hindus were less than that of Muslims, he also called the name of states such as Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Jaharkhand,Uttar Pradesh were same kind of incidents have been arising day by day.


In the end he urged the audiences to support for the movement as this movement is a for the people by the people so they must accumulate at all the places wherever moment or programmes like this are being hold irrespective to the place far or near, he urged to trust the people of India especially the Youth of the India who must have to assemble and have to fight whatever it takes


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