One Nation, One Election to become a reality? PM to set up a Panel

PM Narendra Modi’s vision for One Nation, One Election to become a reality. Under One Nation One Election the elections for the state assemblies and the Lok Sabha will be held simultaneously. This system will involve the restructuring of the Indian election cycle so that the elections to the states and the center synchronize.

This will let the voters to cast their vote for electing members of the LS and the state assemblies simultaneously. Although Simultaneous elections are not new to India. They were common till 1967. But following dissolution of some Legislative Assemblies in 1968 and 1969 and that of the Lok Sabha in December 1970, elections to State Assemblies and Parliament have been held separately.

But now again in the Modi regime the talks for one nation and one election have started with Modi Government holding a all party meeting for discussing on the topic although many left leaders skipped the meeting.

The Modi government also set up a committee to study the possibility and the technicality involved. Even President Ram Nath Kovind Expressed his support for One Nation and One Election in his speech.

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