Tamil Naidu: AIADMK MLA’S mobile liquor Scheme sale to Ease Hardship of people

AIADMK MLA U Thaniyarasu has urged the government to make liquor accessibility to ease the harship of the people of Tamil Naidu while speaking at the State assembly, he proposed to establish mobile liquor sales for people in the remote areas of the state.

Speaking to which he further added,”The government is selling and people have decided to drink. so why put them through hardship for getting liquor? I urge the government to ensure easy sale of liquor either by opening more shops or selling liquor through mobile shops”without him everyone in the assembly was surprised by his proposal. According to him, people need to stand in long queues to get liquor just like to get a movie tickets of a superstar, we can ease this struggle by vanishing the distance as by implementing door-to-door mobile liquor services.

He also pointed the accidents and the risks that can be reduced by implementing this services. U Thaniyarasu represents the Kangeyam constituency. He is a member of Kongu  llainagar Peravai an ally of the ruling AIADMK party. His words have came out when the ruling party AIADMAK have promised to reduce the TASMAC shop in a mannered phased wise system.

Few days ago several residents of Peraiyur have been demanding the closure of TASMC shops, despite which in 2019 Lok Sabha elections  an independent candidate from Tamil Naidu had promised 10 litres of free liquor every month if they make him to win the elections.

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