The Speaker scheduled to line up for Trust Vote on Thursday: Karnataka Crisis

The prolonged ongoing strife in Karnataka makes the speaker Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar to call for a vote trust  for the ruling Congress-JDS coalition government for 11 am on Thursday. The speaker concluded his decision following a meeting with the Business Advisory Council of the assembly, also when the B.J.P objected to conduct the assembly questioning the majority of the Collation government, and thus adjured the house till Thursday.

After series of MLA’s resigning the Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy reducing government need to prove it’s majority on Thursday, after the resignation the BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa has been demanding that CM Kumaraswamy resign immediately or have challenged to face a trust vote. Meanwhile the Congress and JDs alliance have been trying to call back their rebel MLA’s but are facing failure , moreover the rebel MLA’s have been knocking the doors of court, to make then accept their resignation from the speaker itself.

the court have ordered to accept their plea of resignation been accepted by the speaker on Thursday , if the all the 16 MLA’s resignation would be accepted then the strength of the Congress-JDS alliance will fall to 101 as compared to BJP’s 105 plus two Independents.

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