Abhishek Negi Bai was showing the dreams of Indian Idol, Feroz Khan, used to rape.

He used to show Abhishek Nagi dreams of sending the young women to Indian Idol and under his garb, he was robbed of his ashes by being caught up with his own mentality. But when the reality of Abhishek Nagi came out, everyone was stunned.

What was being considered as Abhishek Negi was not anointing but Feroz Khan. The accused used to play women’s life in the name of giving women a chance in Indian Idol. A lady from Dehradun, who had a passion for singing, got trapped in her web. At first, this vicious criminal raped the woman, then raped a woman at places like Delhi, Mussoorie, Dehradun. When the matter came to light on the complaint of the woman, accused Abhishek Negi alias Firoz Khan was arrested.

He filed a case under section 376, 419, 420 and 505 of the IPC against him and sent him to jail. In addition, the police has contacted the people accused by the accused and got involved in the investigation.This business of this vicious criminal has been going on for a long time to give women the chance in the Theater world, under which it used to grab women’s money in the first place and then play with her life after that.

According to information, after calling a young woman living in Dehradun, the accused named herself a member of the Indian Idol group and said she would come to meet him. After this the woman was trapped in her trap and raped her. According to the police, the accused Firoz Khan used to work in artificial jewelery while living in Russia and came to India a few days ago.