Militant killed in Tral gunfight identified as Local : Police

Militant killed in tral forests identified as Local. Police in a statement said that the killed militant has been identified as Shabir Ahmad Malik from Nagbal Tral.

Srinagar, June 26 : Militant killed in tral forests, identified as Local. Police in a statement said that the killed militant has been identified as Shabir Ahmad Malik from Nagbal Tral.

As per the police records, he was initially affiliated with proscribed militant outfit LeT and later on was part of Zakir Musa group.

Shabir, as per police records, was wanted by law for his complicity in several terror crimes including attack on security establishments and civilian atrocities.

He was part of groups responsible for planning and executing terror attacks in the area.

Several terror crime cases were registered against him including case FIR No. 43/15 of Police Station Trikuta Nagar pertaining to the planning and making preparations for carrying out terror attacks in Jammu.

Pertinently with the efforts of Police and security forces, it was a clean operation. No collateral damage happened during the encounter.

Incriminating materials including arms & ammunition were recovered from the site of encounter. All these materials have been taken in the case records for further investigation and to probe their complicity in other terror crime cases.

People are requested to cooperate with police till the area is completely sanitized and cleared of all the explosives materials if any.

Cabinet set to strengthen Anti-terrorism law ! Individual terrorists to be banned.

Cabinet to clear the proposed bill, will help to curb terror activities, will give NIA more power in investigation.

Modi’s cabinet is all set to approve the proposal of  NIA to empower the agency to register a and investigate terror acts on foreign soil if Indian nationals or interests are harmed. The proposed bill seeks to widen the scope of cases that NIA can investigate.

The proposed changes in the NIA act include a bill to empower the agency to carry out searches in a state without DGP’s consent. Although its not mandatory for NIA take DGP consent but it does so where a law and order situation is anticipated. NIA reach will be increased to foreign soil if Indian Nationals or interests are harmed.

While in order to ban individual terrorists the government has proposed changes in UAPA, which will help the government to easily shortlist and declare terror group chiefs as Individual terrorist. listing of an individual as ‘terrorist’ helps the government to impose travel ban, restrict access to funds and other amenities.

This bill will also help India to get the individual terrorists banned in other countries as well. The bill will help in swift actions against the terrorist and will help to fuse terror activites.

Islamic militants now target Mozambique … 12 dead bodies..

Islamic terrorists, who were massacring across the world in the name of Islamic religious jihad, have now wreaked havoc in Mozambique, where 12 people died in a terrorist attack. According to the news, this Islamic terrorist attack happened in northern Mozambique. It is reported that after this attack thousands of villagers from neighboring areas are going to neighboring Tanzania. Police sources said this Sunday.

According to media sources, a police source in Cabo Delgado province, on condition of anonymity, said that there was an attack in Nangane district on Friday, where there was no security patrol. The assailants killed 12 people, mostly women and children. “The police said that the attack took place only in a few kilometers away from Tanzania in Chikuaia village of Velha.

Thousands of people are forced to cross the border due to the attack due to security. A local journalist said that the assailants had killed the villagers with sharp weapons or their houses by setting fire on them. Let us tell you that this is the third incident in Cabo Delgado since last month, in which 20 people have been killed. Authorities have detained around 200 suspects in connection with the investigation of the case. Since last year, radical Islamists are active in this area, while in Maputo, the government is promoting oil and gas activities in the province.The world’s worst condemnation of this fierce attack in northern Mozambique has been condemned.

In another Islamic country, the war began to be slaughtered in one another. More than 150 dead bodies have fallen in 24 hours..

After all, what is the thinking that slaughtered innocent people on the basis of religion? What is that thinking which ever explodes bomb in religious places and kills the devotees of God, then they become a fidayeen in public places and heapons of corpses? The most surprising thing is that when this thinking does not succeed in killing non-religious people, then in some way, they start their slaughtering after considering their own religious people as non-religious.

All this is happening in Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq where Islamic terrorist groups are constantly killing people. These terrorist groups form terrorists in Hindustan and other countries based on terrorists, then in these countries they have the same base, but their scale of measurement is changed and people are taken to know. There is news from another Islamic country like Afghanistan, Syria, where the conflict has started, which has killed more than 150 people in the last 24 hours.

According to the news, these conflicts have occurred in Islamic land Yemen, where between government supporters and rebels, there has been a clash between the last 24 hours, in which at least 150 people have died. The battle between Hutti rebels and supporters of the government or the army is being fought in Hondaiya city of Yemen. Yemen’s military said on Monday that it has killed seven civilians. According to sources, more than 100 Hunti rebels have died in this encounter.

It is being said that Saudi Arabia is also attacking rebels in this fight. Explain that this port city located in the Red Sea is occupied by Hunti rebels since 2014. Hodaida is a major city to enter Yemen with sea routes. Yemen’s government-backed military and Saudi-backed forces have said that it has succeeded in overthrowing several rebels from the Hodadea port.

It is being told that till now 110 rebels have been killed in the entire city, at least 32 other people have died, in which there is a civil and government-backed army. It is being told that the war between the rebels and the government-backed army has been going on since November 1 in Hondaiya city of Yemen, in which about 600 people have died so far. Hondaina is the most populous city in Yemen. According to media sources, Islamic country Saudi Arabia has been receiving violent intervention in Yemen for many years, in which millions have lost their lives.

Saudi has alleged that Yemen is their neighbor, where the Hurriyat rebels get support from Iran. Saudi accusations that Iran is providing weapons to the rebels and that they are using against the Kingdom, while Iran has repeatedly denounced these allegations of Saudi Arabia. At present, tremendous strife and massacre are continuing in Houdeda of Yemen.

Necked sand and corpses were laid to Iraq. Nasidul Hamzafar of Kerala … even if caught, he did not even tell that he is an Indian. Imagine the level of hatred

Nasheed al-Hamzar, who lived in Kerala, was killed on the basis of religious belief, killing people and trying to kill him, he fled from Iraq to Iraq and became involved in the worst terrorist Islamic organization ISIS. Now he has been arrested and brought to Kerala. It is learned that in his laptop in 2013, his friend copied some speeches. These were the same speeches that inspired him to join the Islmil State Khorasan Province (ISKP). He was questioned after being arrested, in which he opened many of the Islamic State secrets.

Let us tell you that Hamzafar (26) became the first Indian in September this year to be exiled from Afghanistan. He was admitted here illegally. Here he is associated with ISKP. His friend Shihas is among the 21 men, women and children who went to Afghanistan without leaving Kerala. These people left Kerala in 2016 and went to the place controlled by the IS in Afghanistan.

Hamzafar said that Shihas works in ASKP’s media team and another friend is in charge of Ashfaq Hejra (Migration). A news agency report says that Hamzafar was first taken to Isafahan in Iran after reaching Tehran in October 2017, where he was kept in the expatriation camp by an unknown person. In exchange for this, $ 450 was taken in return. Hamzaffar said- ‘The long line was started in the camp. He told the officials that he is Afghani, so he should be left in Afghanistan.

There he was interviewed and taken biometrics. He was put in the vehicle to Pakistan forcibly to understand Pakistan. After which he said that he was an Afghan, he was taken to Afghan camp. “He told that he was sent to Nimruz of Afghanistan. Where he contacted his friend Ashfaq. After which he sent the unknown person Abu Ali to there. As soon as Ali took it, the Afghan Security Force came and took him into custody.

He lied many times that he is an Afghan but the force knows that he is an Indian. The security personnel showed him pictures of Ashfaq and Shihas, he said that he is his friend.

After this he was sent to Afghan Intelligence Jail, where he remained in custody for 3 months. After this he was sent to the American jail Bagram, where his biometrics were taken and kept in custody for 3 months. After which he was sent to India. He was impressed with Zakir Naik speeches and asked his family not to watch TV.

He also told his mother and sister that he should cover himself completely. After which, his father also reprimanded him. He was taken out of college and in college he met with a quandary. Which was so much of alcohol and ganja. He said that many changes were started in his friend Shihha, he kept on increasing the beard, he began to do religious things. Hamzafar was also involved in the fundid program with his friends by Jaakir Naik.

He said that the program was told about Islam and Christian religion. After which his friend, Basin Vincent, adopted Islam. Vincent and his wife Mary also left for Afghanistan in 2016. He further said that his friend Shihas had created WhatsApp group named Message to Kerala. In which he used to send the message and said that 99 percent of media reports are wrong. All right there. After this she also sent a PDF file of 110 page to her. After which he was attracted to the Islamic State.

In that engineering college, people used to understand that studies were done, but there was a conspiracy to destroy the Hindus

Where are the spreads of extremism?

Recently, the Special Police team of Delhi Police arrested two Islamic militants Pervez Rashid Lone and Jamshed Zahur from Delhi. The arrest of both the terrorists is now revealed to be a sensational one.

The two terrorists who have been arrested by the Delhi Police, one of them is affiliated with an engineering college in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, which means that the college which was called the center for future child development, from there to destroy Hindu and Hindustan The plan was being streamlined. The student arrested is a student of DNS College of Engineering, Parvez Amroha. News of becoming a terrorist of Parvez, a student of the DNS College of Engineering of Amroha, has put everyone in the know.

Five hundred students are studying in this college of Amrohaa, who were standing outside the class after the incident to see the people coming in the college and especially the platoon of the police.After the attachment of the accused, the Uttar Pradesh police intelligence The officers of the Department and the Center Intelligence Bureau came with the local police personnel to gather all the information about terrorist Parvez Rashid Lone.

Parvez was an alumnus of this engineering college, who was arrested from a bus stop in Delhi and according to the police, Parvez and his companion got intelligence of a clandestine intelligence from a faction of the Islamic State. During questioning in Amroha, it was discovered that last time Parvez was seen on Tuesday. Police have estimated that the alleged terrorists used to hide their college use so that they could flee from Delhi to Jammu.

According to a college manager, Parvez Lone was admitted to the DNS College at around 11:30 am with one of his friends. Lone told about his friend that he should be admitted to the DNS College. The college believed on the loan and provided the place for the night stay because he took engineering degree in 2012 and also worked as a teacher in school for a few months in 2017. After spending the night in Amroha, both of them left for lunch on the second day. In the afternoon Parvez Lone called a college teacher Bashir Ahmed Dar.

After explaining the phone call details of the loan, the police had also taken Dar with local police.

Nobody knows another young man who came with him during a stay in the college in Amroha but police suspect that he could be Shakes Jamshed Zahir Paul, who was arrested with Lone in Delhi.

Delhi Police accused Jamshed Zahur Paul of having been in contact with Omar Ibn Nazir, the IS chief of Jammu for the last few years.

Delhi Police’s Deputy Commissioner (Special Cell) Pramod Kushwaha said that Paul had arranged for the stay of the extraordinary Abdullah Basit and the entire trip. Basit Iraq and Syria work as an agent in India to include Indians in ISIS. Whereas two people have been accused of supplying arms, who provided arms to Lone and Paul. Both of them are being described as Splier Minors.

Dr. Irfan Ahmad is being told that the tenancy loan was in the rental house in Amaroha. The loan lasted for four months in a hospital run by the hospital. Lone came to Amroha in 2012 for admission to civil engineering studies. In the first semester he had failed in the examination and used to spend time in the hostel with most Kashmiri students. Due to failure, Admission took place in Shri Venkateshwar University, away from Amroha to complete the graduation.

The teacher who taught the loan here told that he used to be less in the class, yet he got 60-62% marks in the examination. Parvez and Jamshed, both terrorists were arrested near the Red Fort on Thursday night. Police say that these two terrorists were going to Kashmir. Weapons from them have also been recovered. The Special Cell of Delhi Police has taken the two terrorists on a five-day remand.

Both the terrorists are from south Kashmir. There are also people of Amroha’s engineering college on the police radar from whom Parvez used to live in contact. 

All those who were looking for started Nationalist After breaking the back of the Maoists hidden in the country .

The son of Hizb militant Salahuddin was arrested in Kashmir.

Living inside the country, the country was doing only hollow. Right now, the police of Maharashtra has broken the back of the Maoists, and suddenly, the NIA has shown its own radar form and has conquered the son of the worst terrorist Kashmiri Syed Salahuddin.

After this arrest, the central government has expressed its intention and made it clear that there is something going on in the last phase of the government that can be counted as the last war on the bosses of terrorists.

After destroying the Maoist network spread across the country to plot the murder of Prime Minister Mr. Modi, it has been pointed out that India’s biggest offender is Syed Salahuddin.

The terrorist, who used to sit in a foreign country, was running his terrorist network comfortably, and was carrying out his activities by moving his son forward but suddenly he came in the curve of the government. The NIA has arrested Syed Shakeel Ahmed, the second son of militant Syed Salahuddin of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, on Thursday morning, from his house in Srinagar’s Rambagh area. Shakeel Ahmed is the second son of Salahuddin who has been arrested in this case.

After this arrest, it can be assumed that the entire family of Salahuddin is in custody at this time because before this, the investigating agency had arrested Sayed Shahid earlier in the year in the money laundering case of Salahuddin.

He is currently lodged in Tihar Jail of Delhi. Salah Shakeel Ahmed, son of Salahuddin, who was arrested on Thursday, has been working as a lab technician from SKIMS Ashbatala for 30 years

It is being told that the investigating agency had called Syed Shakeel Ahmed for questioning at least three times in the 2011 Terror Funding case, but he did not appear before the agency. 

The bus driver screamed at the face of the woman screaming … “These people are very dangerous”

A debate once again that there is no religion of terror or does not exist.

A theory has always been repeated in India and it is still repeated today that there is no religion of terrorism. But a sensational case has emerged from the UK, which can cause a debate once again that there is no religion of terror or does not exist.

According to the news, a similar case has emerged in the UK capital London. A bus driver with a woman here behaved just like the terrorists because he had covered his half face with the mask. According to the news, the driver from a bus climbed a child and asked the driver to take out the mask after showing safety and show the face. The driver suspected that a woman has not brought any bombs hidden.

According to the BBC report, a 20-year-old woman said about the incident with her, ‘She was looking at me in a strange way. Like I did something wrong. The driver was saying that this “world is very dangerous” He asked me to show my face. ‘ The woman was boarding the first bus from Ashton to Bristol. The woman said, ‘I had climbed the bus for two months in a lap. The driver reacted weirdly to me. He said that I am scary and dangerous. He was saying that I can keep a bomb in the bus.

How is this possible, when there is a child with me? ‘ The woman said, “The driver continued to insult me and he made me a terrorist. He kept saying that everyone should see each other’s face. ‘ The woman said, ‘I was publicly humiliated. From which I am very hurt.

He said that this year is 2018. We should avoid frying on such old patterns. ‘ The woman said that as soon as I got into the bus, the driver screamed and said that these masks are very dangerous and talked to show me the face, after that I can be a terrorist and can explode. 

The terrorists of the LeT have been caught by the Delhi airport … Many wanted to kill Habib … The leaders again said – “There is no religion of terror”

Terrorist attack on Independence Day

In view of the Independence Day of the country’s security agencies, the alert of the terror attack in the capital of the country was issued in Delhi. In the meantime, security agencies in the country’s capital Delhi have taken a great hit. The security agencies are being named as Habibur Rahman alias Habib, the terror suspect arrested on the day of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, a terrorist from Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Significantly, security agencies have tightened security arrangements in view of the possibility of terrorist attacks in view of Independence Day. In such a way, security agencies are on alert to prevent any untoward incidents across the country. According to the received information, the captured terrorist was also plotting a major attack on August 15. It is being told that terrorists are linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba, let them know that Lashkar-e-Taiba is a terrorist organization operated from Pakistan.

It is learned that Habib was originally from Kendrapara of Odisha and was currently living in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and the LeT had sent him to Delhi Shrine. It is important that before this, the police also foiled a big conspiracy of terrorists in Jammu. is. Jammu-Kashmir Police arrested an al-Qaeda militant from Jammu on going to New Delhi on Sunday night.

Police also recovered 8 hand grenades from the suspect arrested from Jammu. Police said that after the arrest, high alert has been issued in Jammu too. The terrorist is being questioned about his plans and his contacts outside the city and the city. 

Terror is being carried out before the arrival of Delhi … As it was the al-Qaida who wanted to overthrow Delhi.

Fear of terrorist attack on Independence Day …

The extent to which the Indian army is aggressive against the enemy militants of the country can be estimated from the fact that the terrorists are being brought to the forefront before reaching their destination. According to the news, on Sunday night, the police arrested a terrorist with eight grenades from the bus going from Jammu to New Delhi.

It has been told that this was to be blasted in Delhi on Independence Day. Currently, security agencies are engaged in interrogation. The arrested terrorists are also gathering information about his other colleagues. According to the news, on the basis of a tip-off, a search of a bus going from Jammu to New Delhi was seized by terrorists Irfan Hussain Vani resident Dangarpora (Srinagar). The team of SOG teamed up with the intelligence wing on the basis of firm information, to launch this campaign.

The Intelligence Wing had already informed that Irfan was carrying some weapons from the bus. A sudden police team reached the highway from the green belt area in front of the Convent School in Gandhinagar and stopped the bus. Just checked the luggage of the passengers. During this, a bag was recovered, which Irfan had kept with him. How Irrfan reached Jammu and where he met the grenade, inquiries continued till late night.

According to police sources, Irfan could spot anywhere in the grenade. That could just target travelers too. Intelligence department team and SOG are questioning in the matter what their target was. But it is believed that Al-Qaeda’s terrorist Irfan Hussain’s target was the capital city of Delhi where he wanted to carry out terrorist attacks on Independence Day. It is known that alert has been issued regarding the fear of terrorist attacks in Delhi on Independence Day.