Britain to face ‘consequences’ for seizing Iranian tanker : Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani this Wednesday  after a cabinet meeting, in remarks carried by state television said Britain would face “consequences” over the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker,“You  are the initiator of insecurity and you will realise the consequences later,” he also added “Now you are so hopeless that, when one of your tankers wants to move in the region, you have to bring your frigates  because you are scared. Then why do you commit such acts? You should instead allow navigation to be safe,”

Rouhani also declare that Iran will continue to enrich the Uranium as for fuel the power plants and to serve other peaceful aims,  within the framework of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. The statements came came after European powers accused Iran to operating beyond it’s commitments” sown under the nuclear deal as well as when  Britain’s British Royal Marines who boarded off Gibraltar last week and seized it upon the suspicion of  that it was taking oil to Syria.

US to send 1,000 troops in the mid-east as tensions in the region rise to its all time high!

 As the tensions between Iran and US are rising, The United States plans to send 1,000 troops to the Middle East to counter Iran.  Defense Secretary of America on Monday evening announced the decision. The Trump administration has also deployed an aircraft carrier and bomber planes to the Persian Gulf in response to the threats from Iran.

The move, according to the American officials will send a clear message to the Iran government  that any attack on United States interests will be met with unrelenting force.

After the attacks which targeted multiple oil tankers which belonged to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Norway  all American allies. The US blames the Iran Government for the  strikes, as these channels are heavily guarded by Iran, though Tehran denies any involvement.

Whereas, Tehran on Monday said it would soon blow through the limit of stockpile which it agreed to maintain under the 2015 nuclear deal, increasing fears that Iran may come closer to obtain nuclear weapons.

In a warning to the Europe, Iran gave a deadline to work on the deal with US or else it will be forced to work on its nuclear program.

Justice will be done to Sudan, says a general !

For the first time the military has admitted that it ordered the dispersal of a sit-in in capital Khartoum, which left 120 dead, as diplomats from the United States and African nations step up efforts for a solution to the country’s political crisis.

On June 3, days after talks between protest leaders and the military collapsed, armed men in military fatigues broke up the camp in an operation that left 120 people dead.

A top Sudanese general has promised that those responsible for this month’s violent crackdown on protesters will be sent to the “gallows”.

The deputy chief of the Transitional Military Council “Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo”, asked the public to wait for the outcome of an ongoing investigation into the incident.

The violence has sparked international condemnation, as opposition groups call for Sudan’s military to hand over power to a civilian government and restore democracy in the country.


World is shining with the blessings of 2 Biggest Power fight against Islamic terrorism

An auspicious sign is that it is for the world infected with terror.

The two biggest powers of the world, who are fighting Islamic terrorism, which are infecting the world with their own strength, both of them used to have their mindset. The advantage of their mutual differences was that they would pick up the unfortunate terrorist groups play Holi with Blood. 
Their mutual rivalry caused problems for the civilized class of the world and was a cause for happiness for the terrorists .. But US President Donald Trump did his job during his tenure, which could hardly have been thinking of doing anything else. After ending the dispute with North Korea, negotiating relations with Russia is such an accomplishment of Donald Trump, which has hardly been able to do any more. 
It is known that meeting with US President Donald Trump’s Russian and President Vladimir Putin is a topic of discussion in the world today. After the meeting, both have come together in a collective statement in which they have said that there is no problem or problem between the US and Russia now, and both of them together will fight with all the other problems of the world, in which global terrorism is the main priority of Islamic is terrorism. 
After this meeting, it is now believed that both the countries in Iraq and Syria will be able to eliminate the terrorists. Simultaneously, the two great sages talked about strengthening mutual cooperation and mutual relations. The third country in Helsinki was the sight of the world on the visit of these two great sages who finally reached a meaningful result. 
Both of these countries talked about China. Donald Trump, tugging the old leaders of his own country, said that the relationship with Russia was not wrong, it was mistaken and stupid. After this meeting, Putin also pledged to throw both the nations together and bend terror .. 

Israel pulled their dead bodies by killing the stonebirds … to get back the dead bodies on the border

Israel has finally started a vicious form and started doing all that the groans rise on so called human rights and intellectual classes.

After being harassed by the day-to-day rocking and separatist terrorists, Israel has finally started a vicious form and started doing all that the groans rise on so called human rights and intellectual classes. Only recently did Israel declare war against Hamas, in which Palestinian territory was devastated by the rocket attack.
In protest against this, there was heavy stone-throwing on Israeli soldiers in the name of Ramallah, whose answer was earlier given by Israel in a moderate manner, but when the waters crossed the limit, Israeli troops lost their patience. It is being told that the Israeli army has rigged stones at many stonebag while taking strong action against the stone-bearer, in which many terrorist supporters and terrorists have been killed in the guise of terrorists.
The Israeli army did not stop there, the Israeli army dragged their dead bodies to calm down the anger that arose in their lives, etc. To get the bodies of their families, the Palestinians on the Israeli border He also protested heavily. With the families of the terrorists and the stonebirds killed, there were also many relatives who had accuse them that not only today but 20 There are many people from 15 who have been killed by Israel for their dead bodies.
They demand that the bodies of their family members be handed over to them so that they can perform their funeral with Islamic customs. At present, there seems to be no difference to Israel on any issue, and it has sent additional security forces to its borders.

Syria is slowly becoming the Shiite country. Fear of the Russian army, the occupation of the Shi’a occupies the lands of Sunni

the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria

A war that is changing rapidly has shaken social structure with the picture of the whole world and geography. People who see two super powers fighting domination are not surviving because they are either victims of America or Russia’s bullet. The survivors have come to the target of Israel, Iran or Turkey. In total, the country of the corpses is changing rapidly in Syria, social structure. 
In this country, Christians and Shias are gradually being occupied, because in Sunnis, mostly because of being a supporter of ISIS, terrorists are seen. It is worth noting that in this assertion of the United States and Russia, so far five million people have been killed in Syria, mostly Sunni Muslims. Those who survived the demonstration of the power of the US and Russian forces, take refuge in foreign countries. 
The United Nations Refugee Committee itself says that due to this horrible war, so far, 320,000 people have been displaced due to the increase in violence in Southwestern Syria, while 7,50,000 other people are at risk of being victim of violence. Most people in the social structure of Syria are Sunni Arab Muslims. 
At this time, the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria, they can be further worn. 
Meanwhile, the State of Assad is becoming more communal in the form of Alouit (their sect), Shia and Christian minority have started taking away the property left by Sunni runners. For this, Shi’a Muslim’s patience will also be considered as Sunni Muslims have mostly caught the path of crime and terrorism, which led them to the target of the Syrian government, and has now come to the target of superpower like the US and Russia. ..
Because of this, he had to live a nomadic life and now he has to leave his country and run away. However, wherever he is in asylum and in the country, he is doing exactly what he used to do in Syria. The flood of terrorist incidents has come in Europe. Over 80 percent of Syria’s Muslims, 10 to 20 percent of the Sunni Muslims dominate Shi’a Muslims, and even the higher officials are mostly Shia, because they taught instead of terror and wrote attention to making themselves more so.