National Investigation Agency Bill Got Approval in Lok Sabha

Giving more power to the National Investigation Agency, today in Lok Sabha National Investigation Agency Bill was approved to tackle the terror cases in India as well as abroad.

this would allow NIA not only to probe cyber crimes and human trafficking but also will allow the NIA to designate an individual suspected to have terror links as a terrorist under the amendment to schedule 4 of the UAPA, before which the only organisations were designated as ‘terrorist organisations’.

After the Mumbai terror attack that killed around 66 lives the NIA was founded in 2009, but due to the lack of certain powers were unable to function properly or independently, until 2017 when the Union Home Ministry have been  considering the two laws to give more power to the NIA to interact with raw challenges,

While presenting the bill Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha addressed that the Modi Government would not misuse this law at any cost neither would use to target other religion, he also ensure that the terrorism will be finished irrespective to the religion of the accused. He also accused the Congress-led UPA government for repealing the anti-terror act POTA as to allegedly misuse and save its vote bank.

The Speaker scheduled to line up for Trust Vote on Thursday: Karnataka Crisis

The prolonged ongoing strife in Karnataka makes the speaker Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar to call for a vote trust  for the ruling Congress-JDS coalition government for 11 am on Thursday. The speaker concluded his decision following a meeting with the Business Advisory Council of the assembly, also when the B.J.P objected to conduct the assembly questioning the majority of the Collation government, and thus adjured the house till Thursday.

After series of MLA’s resigning the Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy reducing government need to prove it’s majority on Thursday, after the resignation the BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa has been demanding that CM Kumaraswamy resign immediately or have challenged to face a trust vote. Meanwhile the Congress and JDs alliance have been trying to call back their rebel MLA’s but are facing failure , moreover the rebel MLA’s have been knocking the doors of court, to make then accept their resignation from the speaker itself.

the court have ordered to accept their plea of resignation been accepted by the speaker on Thursday , if the all the 16 MLA’s resignation would be accepted then the strength of the Congress-JDS alliance will fall to 101 as compared to BJP’s 105 plus two Independents.

Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns from Politics.

Surrounded by the prolonged quarrel with the Punjab Chief minister Amrinder Singh, the cricketer-turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu announced his resignation from the State Cabinet on Sunday. After remaining isolated and out of any issues for over more than one month, as he was deprived from his Local bodies and Tourism and cultural portfolios by the Punjab Chief Minister. After meeting the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi Sidhu announces his resignation upon twitter on June 10.

Sidhu’s decided his resignation form politics after a long wait of one month for the Congress high command to intervene. however there have been doubt over his resignation that he hasn’t address his resignation to the CM as per the rules, due to which from the CM office Sidhu received a reply that Amrindar has not received any kind of resignation to which Sidhu has informed that he would be getting it that to very soon.

The time when Amrinder Singh snatched Sidhu’s post from Local bodies and Tourism and Cultural departments s stated by him the performance was not up to the mark, he also pointed that the Congress hasn’t done well in major cities of the Punjab to which a report was presented by Sidhu over the statement but the argues never settles and prolonged over a long period of time. Plus he was also surrounded over questions on his visit to Pakistan and was criticised a lot upon it, after which he have been isolated from any kind of media and now have come up with his resignation.

Ajaz Khan taunted Mumbai Police after the police have filed an FIR against the TikTok celebrities

The Abusive actor Ajaz Khan have taunted Mumbai Police after the police have filed an FIR against the TikTok celebrities who were founded  propagating the revenge over Tabrez Anasari’s death. Mocking Mumbai Police by mimicking a Bollywood movie dialogue. The actions have been initiated after Ajaz Khan released a threatening against the Hindus.

In the video released by the failed actor- turned rogue Ajaz Khan, one of the member of the accused members of the team 07 can be seen , The video featuring Ajaz khan and The Team07 member comprises of dialogues in which a Police man ask the villain to get in the police van, in reply to which the villain ask for the warrant or any witness proving his crime, to which the police replies the entire neighbourhood have seen your crime, for which the Team 07 says gave a reply on Gandhian implication like thing.

The video is old but have been again shared recently  by Ajaz kahn on his Tik-Tok profile after the Mumbai Police have filed FIR against the TikTok user.In the video he wrote Warrent Laya hai? Ramesh solanki? the activist who have filed FIR against TikTok Celebrities.

Tamil Naidu: AIADMK MLA’S mobile liquor Scheme sale to Ease Hardship of people

AIADMK MLA U Thaniyarasu has urged the government to make liquor accessibility to ease the harship of the people of Tamil Naidu while speaking at the State assembly, he proposed to establish mobile liquor sales for people in the remote areas of the state.

Speaking to which he further added,”The government is selling and people have decided to drink. so why put them through hardship for getting liquor? I urge the government to ensure easy sale of liquor either by opening more shops or selling liquor through mobile shops”without him everyone in the assembly was surprised by his proposal. According to him, people need to stand in long queues to get liquor just like to get a movie tickets of a superstar, we can ease this struggle by vanishing the distance as by implementing door-to-door mobile liquor services.

He also pointed the accidents and the risks that can be reduced by implementing this services. U Thaniyarasu represents the Kangeyam constituency. He is a member of Kongu  llainagar Peravai an ally of the ruling AIADMK party. His words have came out when the ruling party AIADMAK have promised to reduce the TASMAC shop in a mannered phased wise system.

Few days ago several residents of Peraiyur have been demanding the closure of TASMC shops, despite which in 2019 Lok Sabha elections  an independent candidate from Tamil Naidu had promised 10 litres of free liquor every month if they make him to win the elections.

When did California’s sewer treatment Plant landed in Delhi’s Okhala?

Earlier this week the Aam Adami Party’s Atishi Marlena have shared a photo of a sewer treatment plant’s image as Delhi’s Okhla, comparing it with the Statue of Unity and  quoted it as Vision and Priority matters, upon her Instagram account. After such an bold stunt she more evenly texted in her post that the world’s largest statue the Statue of Unity in Gujarat cost Rs 3,500 crore and the India’s largest sewer treatment plat have been made in Delhi with just Rs 1,161 crore, preaching that when 50% of the country which is facing water crisis, water related issues need to be addressed before statues.

Before anyone is planning to visit Delhi Okhla, to see this marvellous infrastructure they must know that there is noting such kind of plant in Delhi. The Image have been picked up from internet and is actually located in California. The statue of Unity was construed under the cost of Rs 2,989 crores and not Rs 3,000 crores, moreover the sewer through which Atishi have been misleading the common people have to be constructed under the State as well as the Central government with 85% of central government’s fund. The foundation stone of this was laid on 8th July 2019 by Union Minister for Jal Shakti Gajendra and Delhi chief minister Arvund Kejariwal.

Not for the first time Aam Adami party have tried to fool Indian citizens in previous year 2018, they have shown the foreign  images instead of then yet to be inaugurated signature bridge.

Targeting Hindus in Unnao Incident and more in a row founded “FALSE”

Another incident have been pop but last Thursday, targeting Hindus in the major context, on Thursday  a news of Muslims  forced to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and beaten for not doing, so was completely founded to be fake. The was served like this, some madarsa boys who were playing cricket were beaten by Hindu boys after they asked them to chant ‘Jai shree Ram’ . But the according to the UP Police no religious angle was founded that heat up the incident. The reason of fight was due to cricket,in a press conference by ADG (LO) P V Ramaswamy and IG (LO) Praveen Kumar, they denied that anybody was forced to chant any religious slogan , and said that it was a fight between two groups that turened violent due to a Cricket Match and also added that such kind of fake news were also founded to spread in cities like kanpur, Aligarh, to create communal tensions, in all the news Hindu were founded innocent.

Local police have registered a case under section 323,353,504 and 506 of the IPC, also in various cities recently there have been incidents of violence after Friday prayers by Muslim mobs protesting “mob lynchings” that were put by Muslims that have been forced to chant “Jai Shree Ram”, though such claims have been founded  either false or unverified.

JAN SANSAD 2.0: Over Population a major threat,”HUM DO HAMARE DO TO SABKE DO”

On 11th July 2019, Suresh Chavhanke the charismatic editor of national news channel Sudarshan TV, holds up a Public Parliament, at Jantar mantar, New Delhi to discus the problem caused by overpopulation as well as to demand for a bill to control population in-front of the Modi Government 2.0. The Public Parliament was inaugurated by Minister of Animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries , Suresh Chavhane and major prestigious personalities of our country. The Public Parliament was boosted from the words of Suresh Chavhane, when he started his speech with the slogan “BHARAT MATA KI JAI” and “HUM DO HAMARE DO TO SABKE DO” following which he acknowledge the crowd why the programme have been called and what are the major concerns related to the population and how the population of the Hindus are depleting day by day both at international and national level, also over population have become a threat for the country, later  he invited respected guest Mr. Giriraj Singh to speak few words to upon the issue, Giriraj Singh initiated his speech from the slogan “BHARAT MATA KI JAI”, boldely expressing his views he blamed the Fanatic communities, for the reason for the over population and agrees with views of Suresh Chavhanke for “HUM DO HUMARE DO TO SABKE DO” speaking for which he address the present people by addressing the history of making of Pakistan on the basis of religion, increase of the population of our country from 2.8 Billion to 30 Billions and still counting.

Giriraj Singh pointed out the intolerance shown by the Muslim community whenever policies upon Tipple Talak or sharia comes up, with relation to Hindu community who never argued or revolted against the Sati practise or child marriage and calmly accepted and eradicated such rituals, talking about the depleting population of Hindus he asked the audiences what is the reason behind it, he mentioned the population boom by the Muslim communities who have been pushing Hindus out from their own land, in context we can see the example of Pakistan where the population of Hindus was 22% during 1947 and now even less then 1%, he also warned for the generation of new Pakistan by expelling Hindus from their native land by means rapidly increasing their population, for which he gave the example of kairana and Kashmiri Pandits who were made to leave their home land by force and threat as the population of Hindus were less than that of Muslims, he also called the name of states such as Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Jaharkhand,Uttar Pradesh were same kind of incidents have been arising day by day.


In the end he urged the audiences to support for the movement as this movement is a for the people by the people so they must accumulate at all the places wherever moment or programmes like this are being hold irrespective to the place far or near, he urged to trust the people of India especially the Youth of the India who must have to assemble and have to fight whatever it takes


The Problems of Poor are gradually eradicating under Modi government

Home is the one of the major and the  basic necessities of living, which provide comfort. Home is the only place where you feel safe and secure in comparison to all the places one know. Home is also a place where a family is made, relations get’s strong, and memories are formed. Having a dream house is just like a dream coming true, but there exists a large number of population who  are far away from this dream of having a proper house.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana have been seen this and have been able to fulfil the dream of having house by this section of the society.

the Initiative came under action to provide affordable housing with other schemes to ensure houses have a toilet, Saubhagya Yojana electricity connection, Ujjwala Yojana LPG gas connection, access to drinking water and Jan Dhan banking facilities, etc. distributed in three Phase the 2nd Phase of the ongoing and have been successfully going, under the good Governance of Modi.

Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid :Supreme Court to take Charge if Mediation panel fails to resolve dispute

Supreme Court to resolve the ownership dispute of 2.77 acres of Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid land, on Thursday asked the Ayodhya panel to inform by July 18 status of mediation and also report whether they would be able to tackle the issue or not.

The decision initiated after an application was filed by one of the complainant,Gopal Singh Visharad last week as no progress have been seen accelerating to resolve the dispute as ordered by the apex court. In a situation arising in which the mediation panel isn’t able to resolve the dispute then the Supreme court would come under action from July 25, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said, ” he also added formal orders for day-to-day hearing on Ayodhya dispute would be passed on July 18 after perusing the report.

In the month of March the court had constituted a bench chaired by by former Supreme Court judge Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kaliful, founder of Art of Living foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and senior Madras high court advocate Sriram Panchu, in order to find a courteous solution of the problem. On May 10, the apex court had given time till August 15 to the mediation panel to find an courteous solution.
In the 16th century by Shia Muslim Mir Baqi, Babri Masjid was demolished On 6 December, 1992.