Andhra Pradesh MLC M V V S Murthy dies in car accident in US

76-year-old Murthy and three others were killed in a car-truck collision on the highway near Alaska in the US, where he had gone to take part in the GITAM Alumni meet on October 6.Veteran Telugu Desam Party leader, educationist and member of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council M V V S Murthy died in a road accident in the USA, the party announced on Wednesday. He also served as a member of Lok Sabha from Visakhapatnam for two terms from 1991 to 1996 and 1999 to 2004.

76-year-old Murthy and three others were killed in a car-truck collision on the highway near Alaska in the US, where he had gone to take part in the GITAM Alumni meet on October 6. The MLC was on his way to a wildlife sanctuary when the accident occurred on Monday afternoon (US time).Telugu Association of North America members are coordinating with the US authorities to bring the TDP leader’s body back to the state.
Murthy had been an active leader of the TDP since 1983 and had a close association with the party’s founder-president N T Rama Rao.

He founded the Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM) at Rushikonda near Visakhapatnam, which has now been granted a “deemed to-be university” status with campuses in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.He served as Chairman of Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority from 1987 to 1989 and lost the 1989 Lok Sabha election.In 1991, he was elected to Parliament from Visakhapatnam for the first time and again in 1999.

A doctorate in economics from Andhra University, Murthy established many colleges in his native East Godavari and other districts. He also owned a soft drinks bottling plant in Visakhapatnam and became popular as ‘Goldspot’ Murthy. He was elected to the Legislative Council in 2014 from the Visakhapatnam Local Authorities constituency.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, his deputies K E Krishna Murthy, N China Rajappa, Council Chairman N Md Farook, Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, ministers and MPs condoled Murthy’s death. “I was shocked to learn about the death of Murthy. His services as an MP and an MLC are memorable. His death is a deep loss to the field of education and also politics. It is a personal loss to me,” Naidu said in a message. He also expressed anguish over the death of many TDP leaders in road accidents.

Deputy Chief Minister Krishna Murthy recalled that he and Murthy were elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time in 1991. “I lost a good friend,” he said.Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, K K Venkata Rao, Kalava Srinivasulu, Sidda Raghava Rao, N Lokesh, MPs Kesineni Srinivas, Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna, former MP C Ramachandraiah and several others condoled ‘GITAM’ Murthys death.


‘Justice for Pranay’ campaign on social media

Three including Amrutha’s father booked for caste killing of Pranay in Telangana

Amrutha Varshini, wife of Perumalla Pranay Kumar, who was allegedly killed for honour last week, took to Facebook on Monday, launching her fight against injustice.

The page that she titled ‘Justice for Pranay’ was created on Monday afternoon, had about 6,000 people following at around 5 p.m., and by 7 p.m. the supporter’s count exceeded 16,000 ‘likes and follows’.

“Don’t worry Pranay…you are not alone..Not only me u are in the heart of crores of people.. Many people are fighting for justice ” she wrote.

Amrutha, earlier on Sunday, had said she would approach a large number of people to fight against caste.

The diverse page users, from across the State and outside, were seen posting photos, videos and information. Users from several districts posted candlelight procession pictures and rallies against the killing.

Information on creating a twitter trend with a handle #SayNoToCaste starting 6 p.m., against caste feelings was another.Students of the Ambedkar Students’ Association of Hyderabad Central University remembered the leader of Self-Respect Movement Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy on his 140th birth anniversary on Monday, and quoted: “Marriages should culminate on account of the wishes of the couple.”

The page that became ‘instant like and follow’ hours after its creation, also was platform to vent ire against casteism.

4 lakhs Most Wanted Naxalites have kneeled the knees … “Now there is no need to fight, the country is on the right path”

Kaka Buzzi led the Maoist organization for decades …

The wave of change in the country began to appear instinctively when you, along with the Naxalite organizations, fought for the war against the country, the most wanted Naxalite Kakka Bujji kept the weapons of 4 lakhs and declared it to return to the mainstream saying. Has given that there is no need to fight the war against our own country only because the country is going in the right direction and now it wants to fight for the country, not against the country. Is willing to contribute to advancement.

Let us tell you that Most Wanted Naxalite Kakka Buzzi surrendered to the police in Nalgoda on Tuesday and you kept arms. During the surrender of Kakka Bujji, district SP Avi Rangnath was also present. SP Ranganath told that the reward of Rs 4 lakh was given to Kakka Buzzi. Jan B, Kaka Buji left his house only at the age of 18

And joined the Maoists in 2004. Jan B has surrendered to the media in the district police office. For nearly 13 years, John B, who worked with Maoist organizations, had married another Maoist Kiran in 2007, during which it was encircled during an operation, in which Kiran was killed.

Rs 4 lakh was given on Jan , ie Kakka Bujji, and in this case 50000 rupees would be given for rehabilitation. Nalgoda SP Ranganath said that every possible effort will be made to re-join Jan B in the society and he also exhorted other Naxalites to withdraw arms and return to the mainstream of the society. 

The little had given up to finish in 15 minutes … Now the big challenge given to everyone to accept Islam, this family belongs to terror pro-Owaishi

I want to make it clear to the people and their father that if you cut my neck too

Everyone will remember when small Vashi ie Akbaruddin Owaisi once said that if the police were removed for 15 minutes, he would kill the Hindus all over the country. At the time, when a small Owaisi sprouted this poison, no politician had landed to protest against him, nor did any intellectual who had claimed the absolutism had given some reaction to the small owaisi’s poisonous and the threat of the massacre of Hindus.

But now the bigger Owaisi i.e. Akbaruddin Owaisi’s big brother All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi has threatened Hindus this time. But the great Owaisi has not threatened the slaughter of Hindus, but he has said that he will make all Hindus Muslims. Hyderabad’s Owaisi MP said, ‘A Muslim young man’s beard was forced to cut off in Haryana.

I want to make it clear to the people and their father that if you cut my neck too, we would still be Muslims. But keep in mind that one day we will convert you to Islam and force you to forcibly shave. ‘ On this statement of Owaisi, the Hindu organization is frustrated and criticized Owaisi.

Hindu organizations say that Osees, what will you change our religion, our ancestors used to eat grass bread, our mothers did johar johar, but if you did not adopt Islam then what is your status that will make us a Muslim? We are those people who do not betray the religion, but can not bow down. 

ADVERTISEENGLISH | తెలుగు Home» Political News Massive Blast In Kurnool District, 11 People Killed

At least 11 workers dead in India quarry blast

Five more people, who were labourers working at the site, got injured and were rushed to the Aluru Government Hospital for treatment. However, one among them succumbed to injuries.

At least 11 workers were killed in a powerful explosion that took place on Friday night at a stone quarry of Hathi Belgal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, police said. Five more people, who were labourers working at the site, got injured and were rushed to the Aluru Government Hospital for treatment. However, one among them succumbed to injuries.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced an ex-gratia of Rs 5 lakh to the families of the bereaved. He ordered Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy and Mining Minister ao and monitor the operations at the spot. Earlier he had expressed shock over the incident and extended condolences to the families. He spoke to the district authorities and directed them to ensure proper treatment of the injured. Naidu also ordered the district collector to intensify the operations.

According to SP, Kurnool, other four are declared out of danger and still undergoing treatment. Reportedly, the fire that broke out in the quarry, spread to the nearby area and burnt three tractors, one lorry and two sheds to ashes.

All the victims are said to be hailing from Odisha and came here for work. The explosion occurred when regular quarrying work was being carried out in the quarry in Hathi Belgal under Aluru mandal, an investigating officer said over the phone.

“At least 20 workers were said to be at the spot when the gelatine sticks used for blasting the quarry exploded. The sudden explosion trapped the workers, triggering the fatalities,” the officer said.

Search is on to trace if there are any survivors, he added.

Firefighters were rushed to the spot. “A case has been registered U/s 304 part-2 IPC, section 3 & 5 of Explosive substances act. We are verifying the incident. The accused responsible for the incident will be arrested soon,” said the SP.

The leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and JanaSena Party chief Pawan Kalyan also expressed grief and extended sympathies to the bereaved families. 

Shakira – Shabbir decided that – “Today will make a physical relation in a new fashion, bind it on a cottage.” Then a corpse found by the police

What was this puzzle that was made for the police?

When the police got the burnt body, the police could not understand who they were, and who did this, with whom he did it. When the investigation was done, the curtain started raising herself and the body was found dead and Shabbir was the only one to kill her friend Shakira. This sensational Mamta was Andhra Pradesh wherein police has arrested Shakira in a very short time and arrested him. 
In this sensational incident where there is suspense, it involves both love and affection. With each other, a couple tied in both physical and business relationships have killed the other by killing them. A strange case has emerged in Andhra Pradesh. Here a girlfriend allegedly binded the boyfriend with a cuff and burned her alive during sex. 
Both were also partners in the Poultry Form’s business. There was a dispute about some rupee transactions between them. In this case when Shakira heard that the police are searching for Shabbir’s killer, she handed herself over to the police. The workers who reached the farm on Saturday reached the spot and informed the police. On reaching the spot, the police sent Shabbir’s body to postmortem. Police was investigating, Meanwhile, Shakira reached the police station and surrendered here.
The police is questioning Shakira by registering a case in the proper sections of the police. This sensational and all shocking event is in Chattapalli village in Prakasam district of Konkamitila Mandal in Andhra. Police said that 32-year-old Sheikh was a resident of Shabbir Podli. He was a Home Guard in Meripudi police station. At the same time, the accused Shakira (28) is a resident of Podli village. Shabbir also accompanied with Homeguard, along with Shakira also used to run a poultry farm in the chotapaalem. 
It is being told that both of them had secretly married, but kept their relations hidden in the most. Podli Inspector M Srinivasa Rao said that between the last eight months between Shabbir and Shakira, there was a dispute about the transaction of rupees. Both of them decided to meet in the poultry farm on Saturday night. Shakira had already prepared here to kill Shabbir. After the arrival of Shabbir, both of them had allegedly sexually assaulted a bed here. 
In the meantime, Shakira tied her with a steel chain on the couch. After that Shakira put petrol on fire and set fire on Shabbir.

Telangana: Man bangs 3-year-old son against auto, wife refuses to complain

In a shocking incident, a man banged his three-year-old child against an auto-rickshaw after a heated argument with his wife

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a man banged his three-year-old child against an auto-rickshaw after a heated argument with his wife. The disturbing incident took place in Hyderabad on Sunday night and was captured on the phone which has been circulated on the social media. 
The accused, identified as Shiva Goud, came home in an inebriated condition and picked a fight with his wife. Two constables, who were nearby, were informed about the scuffle at the street after which they reached the spot. As soon as they tried to take control of the situation, the accused threw his three-year-old child towards an auto-rickshaw.
The child has suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital where he has been put under care and protection of the Child Welfare Department. His condition is said to be out of danger. However, the child’s mother refused to file a complaint against the accused fearing harassment from her husband after which, the police taking suo motu cognizance of the act, filed a case under child abuse against the accused. The video of the incident has drawn flak from all sections of society on the social media.

On the mercy of the orphan Muslim girl was adopted by the secular Ravi Kant .. But they did not know that there is a great disaster

He was a Hindu, he did not even let himself be beaten around the ideology of Hinduism.

Ravi Kant had never once got the feeling of Hindu Muslims in his life. Even though he was a Hindu, he did not even let himself be beaten around the ideology of Hinduism.
He was determined to do a noble task in which he felt that the secular forces would give him good praise and in the intellectual class he would be known as humanity’s messiah. But their estimation got demolished and they just got to lose their lives. Today they are battling with life and death … every day with the threat of death, they also become a threat to the whole family .. In Hyderabad, a person was badly injured by some people by knocking 16 times.
The victim’s suffering is so much that she adopted the orphan Muslim girl. The girl had lost her parents in the Hyderabad blasts in 2007. The man who adopted the child has been identified as Paralal Ravikant, one of the victims escaped the life of Ravi Kant in this attack and is now in Osmania Hospital. He is undergoing treatment.
It is being told that the attack on him happened on June one. According to reports, the child got a baby near Gokul Chat Center near the blasted place, only during the Hyderabad Blast. Ravikant had brought the girl home and she was nurturing it since 2007. He told that no one was asking the girl at that time that’s why she brought her to her house. When she brought the girl to her house, her family was getting threats and she was being tortured. 
The girl named Sania, who is now studying in the 8th The family that raised the child said that when he brought the girl home, the people of both the Hindu and Muslim communities had opposed this. Papalal works for making idols in a temple. Papalal said that Sania Fatima had lost her parents in 2007. Someone was not adopting him so we had brought our house. Sania’s arrival came to our home with happiness. 
Even after so many attacks, Ravikant says that we do not believe in Hindu Muslims, we believe in humanity. She is my eldest daughter and she will not leave her anymore, whatever she is. Papalal’s family is giving good education to the girl, so that she can stand on her feet. At present, the so-called secular forces in the whole of the matter, the film world and the famous intellectual class in tweet is in the mood of silence …