The MLA used to come to my house and raped me and used to say to my husband – “Tie it, when the mood is formed then I will come again”

The legislator who is ahead to lobby for Bangladeshis has now come back on the backfoot

In the allegations of the government, their name was at the forefront. Every day, some kind of government had become aware of the problem, in which the words of waxed statements and judicial policy and rituals from their mouths came out, but no one It was not even thought that there was so much lust in the poison and thinking in their minds. 
The legislator who is ahead to lobby for Bangladeshis has now come back on the backfoot because his miscreant’s skin has suddenly opened, in which rape of a woman has happened and he is demanding justice for himself. 
This painful story of a woman who is alone in battle of Baiya is from Assam, from where a big surprise news came out. A legislator here is accused of raping a woman. The victim has filed a case against the MLA. 
An astounding news came from Assam. A legislator here has accused the woman of rape. 
Those who are attacking the MLA of Unnao are now unable to show their activism in the case of MLA from Chaudhary, Assampur from Assam. This courageous lady lodged an FIR against MLA Nizam Chaudhary on Friday in the Halakandi Sadar police station, after which suddenly people who gave the prayers for women’s honor silenced. 
The victim has also filed complaint complaint against her husband. The victim has alleged that on May 19 her husband took her to the Hallakandi Circuit House. There, the AIUDF legislator Nizam Chaudhary raped her. The victim says that after the incident of rape she was locked in the house. He managed to run away from home in some way. After this, he lodged a complaint with the Halakandi Police Station. In the 2016 assembly elections, Nizam Chaudhary was elected MLA from Azhagpur.