This is the first such relief that Hindus came from Jammu to Pakistan … The unprecedented decision of the Modi Government When an impoverished country became a victim of injustice in Pakistan, then they decided to come to Hindustan. After facing endless harassment in Pakistan, he has decided that he will go to the lap of Mother India and leave everything in his house and go to Jammu.

He hoped that coming to Hindustan would change his time, his problems would be overcome, but sorry it could not happen. Even after this, they were hoping that the Government of India would take their happiness for one or a day. After the Modi government came to power in 2014, his hopes started to wings, and the time had come when his hopes were fulfilled. We are talking about the Hindus coming from Jammu to Pakistan, for whom the government has approved a plan.

Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh will be provided to every family of these refugees. According to PTI, the decision was taken in the meeting of State Advisory Council under the chairmanship of Governor Satyapal Malik. According to an official spokesperson, the Union Home Ministry had approved the proposal in June 2018 and the central government will bear the expenditure on this scheme. Commissioner of Jammu has been appointed Nodal Officer for implementing this scheme.

It should be known that in the partition of 1947, lakhs of people came to India as refugees. These people settled in many parts of the country and today they have become a part of them. According to one figure, at that time, about 5764 Hindu families had migrated from western Pakistan and also settled in Jammu. Refugees of western Pakistan settled in other parts of the country today have become permanent residents of the country. But the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is not like that

Even today, the fourth-fifth generation of people who lived decades ago are called refugees and are deprived of all fundamental rights, but the central government is now serious about them and they have decided to help them.




Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died

There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died.Incident of India where the candle gang is silent In this case, many big names are silenced so far. Once again, the valley of Kashmir is shocked by an innocent shriek. There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death.

In the Kathua case, the hyperactive whole team has suddenly become silent on this issue and the children of the child are wandering in the rate of getting justice. Kashmir is once again revived. It is known that this time the matter is from Baramulla district of Kashmir, where an event that shames shame also has shaken the whole country. This time, five miscreants have been arrested in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir for a nine-year-old innocent girl, till she was brutally tortured till her death.

In this case a woman is also involved in the hatred towards that innocent person and she made such a horrible story of the death of that girl. On September 2, the body of the missing girl was recovered from a house one kilometer away in the rugged state. The child’s stepmother has also been arrested in this horrendous crime arising from Ishya. According to the statement of the police spokesman in this disastrous case, a woman and four youths have been arrested in connection with gangrape and murder of the girl.

The body of the girl was recovered from the forest two days ago in Uri Tehsil.

Regarding the crime, she said that the girl’s father had lodged a complaint of her daughter’s disappearance and she feared that her daughter was abducted. During the investigation, the police found that the girl’s father has two wives and the daughter is the daughter of the woman of Jharkhand.

Police officials said that the investigation revealed that Fahmida had long hated her husband’s non-Kashmiri aroma and her daughter for a long time because she felt that her husband loved her more than his second wife.

Fahmida planned to kill his step-daughter after coming to God He said, “He took him to the forest and committed crime with four others, including his 14-year-old son, his friend Kaiser Ahmed (19), Nasir Ahmed (28) and another 14-year-old boy.

In this case, so far silenced people carrying candle march have been observed in honor of the alleged contractor and daughter of humanity. 

In Kashmir, the Chhattisgarh’s CRPF guns and the silence for the last 5 lakhs of fate, the Naxalite 3 other Naxalites were also killed

A Naxalite and destroyed the Maoists. turned into dead bodies

Sunday’s came as a time for enemies of the country. On one hand, where the Indian Army’s guns in Jammu and Kashmir killed Ghulaji and 3 Islamic militants by killing them, and in Chhattisgarh, the CRPF and Chhattisgarh police killed four Maoists, including a Naxalite and destroyed the Maoists. Turned into dead bodies

According to the news, these four uniformed Naxalites were killed, including a reward of five lakh Naxal commanders in the encounter on the Guiyeebeda hill in Maad area of Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpur district. Security forces claim that two more Maoists have been shot but Naxalites managed to escape with them in the jungle. SP Jeetendra Shukla told that the police had received intelligence input of the presence of 20-25 Naxalite fighters of the Nellanar area committee on Sunday morning. A team of Distric Reserve Guard sent the information

Security forces and Maoists were brought face-to-face in about 2:30 in the morning. Firing continued for two hours from both sides. After this the Naxalites were standing. The bodies of four Naxalites, including a woman, were recovered from the spot. Two have been identified in this. Five lakh prizes in the killed Maoists and Rattyam, commander of local area group and second area committee member Somudu Ram. An INSAS rifle, a three knot three rifle and two 12-bore rifles have been recovered from the encounter site.

SP claimed that two more Naxalites were seriously injured due to the bullet but Naxalites managed to take them with them. On the night of 26 August from the highly susceptible Bande region of Kanker district, the Maoists had kidnapped three villagers in connection with the police mukhabiri. One of which escaped from their clutches. On Saturday night, the Maoists killed both villagers Sonu Padda and Somaji Padda.

On Sunday, the bodies of both of them were found near village Tadura, one kilometer away from Gatta police station in Maharashtra. Naxalite form has also been found with the body in which the threat has been made but security forces have cleared that any situation is ready to deal with and if anybody fires Naxalite firing, then the bullet will also be played on it. 

To say that, Bakreid was yesterday and those who believe in Islam forbade loud noise

The goat was sacrificed on Id all over the country, while the human beings were killed in Kashmir.

To say that, Bakreid was yesterday and those who believe in Islam forbade loud noise. But there was a different look of Bakrid in Kashmir. The goat was sacrificed on Id all over the country, while the human beings were killed in Kashmir.

Yes, yesterday, on the day of Bakrid, where 3 policemen were brutally murdered in Kashmir, 1 BJP worker was also killed. The state police said that the militants fired on the Constable Mohammed Yakub in the afternoon in Loswani village of Pulwama district. A police officer said, “The injured policeman was admitted to the hospital, where he died.”

Mohammad Yakub Shah of Loswani village of Kashmir also came home on a holiday to celebrate the Eid but the terrorists also shot him. However, when people heard the bullet, they reached the spot. The terrorists fled after seeing the crowd, then Mohammed Yakub’s concussion was going on. He was taken to the hospital but Mohammed Yakub Shah died on the way.

The police have said that behind the killing of Yakub, the terrorists of Hizbul also have the hand. Apart from this, another incident took place in Kulgam in South Kashmir. In the house of Constable Fayaz Ahmed Shah of Jammu Kashmir Police, there was a death of Eid in the place of pleasure, because the body of Faiyaz Ahmed, who came out of the house to read Eid prayers, returned to the house.

Faiyaz Ahmad was doing recruitment training course at Talwada, took leave on the occasion of Eid and came to his house in Porporora and was celebrating Eid with his family. The prayers of Namaz went to the nearby mosque. At the time when they were returning from the mosque, the terrorists surrounded him and killed him. It is learned that when the attack on the 34-year-old Faiyaz, he was unarmed.

The family became frustrated by hearing the news of their death, they were in a bad condition by crying. Fayyaz’s house has his mother, wife and two younger daughters, one daughter is five years old and two years old. Jammu Kashmir Police also gave the last farewell to Faiyaj with full respect today. After giving the last salute to Faiyaz, he was laid off

Jammu Kashmir Police said that the killers of Hizbul Mujahideen were behind the killing of Faiyaz. Earlier on Wednesday, the terrorists had killed another policeman in Jagripora village of Shopian district earlier. 

Farooq Abdullah leader of patriotism in Parliament told terrorists, martyrs … silenced all the contractors of secularism

Farooq Abdullah was screaming and saying that Muslims are targeted in the country,

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah was teaching patriotism in the Parliament House of Parliament during the non-confidence motion.

Farooq Abdullah was screaming and saying that Muslims are targeted in the country, they are suspected but they have forgotten that if the country targets the Muslims, then the former President himself, known as Missile Man. Dr. Abdul Kalam does not make his ideal. A leader of his own party, who has described the terrorists killed in Kashmir as a martyr, has shown a mirror to patriot who teaches patriotism from Lok Sabha Bhawan.

Bashir Ahmad Veiri, the leader of Farooq Abdullah’s party National Conference, called the terrorists a martyr. On the question related to the killing of terrorists in the conversation with news agency ANI, Bashir Ahmad Veree said that they are losing their lives for the sake of Kashmir. Anyone who loses life for the sake of Kashmir will be called a martyr. Bashir Ahmad Veree said, “All the people who bleed for the Kashmir issue are all martyrs. They are all martyrs.

He asked the question, “What is the reason why the young people of the valley are presenting their blood of hot blood.” Something will be the reason behind this. ‘ Bashir, the president of the South Kashmir Zone of the National Conference, said, “If so many people are dying here, are they fighting for their own house. There is no issue for which people give light to their hot blood. All the people who have come to fight for the Kashmir issue are all martyrs. ‘

Senior leader Bashir said, “We are already talking to you. When the democratically elected prime minister was arrested in 1953 All the people who have died since then, they are all martyrs. These five people who have died are also martyrs. All are martyrs. ‘ The surprising fact is that the leader of a party speaks the martyrs killed, but no politician can criticize him. Perhaps this is the secularism of India for which our politicians fight and the terrorists are called martyrs. 

Indian army retaliated by martyrdom of junk soldiers … 4 killed and Islamic terrorists

The sacrifices were made yesterday 4 soldiers and 4 terrorists were killed

On 7th August, after the martyrdom of 4 Indian soldiers, including Major in Kashmir’s Gurej Sector, the Indian Army has been torn apart by Islamic terrorists, and today, the revenge of the martyrdom of their soldiers has killed 4 Islamic militants.

And today, once again the Indian Army took the form of a rowdy form and sent four terrorists to hell. According to the news, on Wednesday, in the Baramulla district of North Kashmir, they launched a siege and search operation and during the operation, the security forces killed four terrorists. A soldier’s army was also injured in the firing by militants in the encounter.

Official sources said that on receiving information of the presence of terrorists, special operations squad of Jammu and Kashmir Police and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) conducted joint search operations in Rafiabad, Sopore and Baramulla.

Sources said that sealed the whole area of Rafiabad and started extensive search operation. When the security forces were moving towards dense forests, the hideous terrorists started firing on them. During this, a young man was injured in the firing which was later taken to Base Hospital.Sources said that the firing continued between the security forces and the terrorists till late evening and at least 4 more terrorists were feared to be hidden in the area. 

Another process going on in Kashmir with the execution of terrorists …

BJP’s statement on Article 35A is a shock of the same process.

In Jammu Kashmir, the Indian army is killing the terrorists, crushing the terrorists. The evidence of how the Indian army is aggressive against the terrorists was recently seen when the terrorists carried the jehanum within 48 hours of the formation of terrorists. But let us tell you that there is another process in place with the destruction of terrorists in Kashmir, which can prove to be the backbone of terrorists and traitors.

We are talking about Section 35A applicable in the State of Jammu and Kashmir on which the BJP has said that this section is not benefiting Kashmir but loss is happening, so it is necessary to remove these sections. The BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir unit said on Saturday that the party is ready to discuss Article 35A of the Constitution, under which permanent residents of the state have special status. BJP said that Article 35A is obstructing the development of the State as it has not made external investment.

The party said that the continuation of Article 35A will not be of any benefit. It is worth noting that the petitions challenging this provision are going to be heard in the Supreme Court on August 6 and there are protests in the state against it. The Supreme Court will hear several petitions in which a petition has been filed by the RSS-affiliated NGO ‘We the Citizens’ and sought to end the paragraph.

State BJP chief spokesman Sunil Sethi said, “BJP is ready to discuss any matter with any person or any political party whether Article 35A is in the interest of the people of the state or not. We open invitations. ‘ He said that the political environment of the state has been hot due to Article 35A and some political parties, especially active parties in Kashmir, have adopted the ‘anti-people and anti-people’ approach on this issue.

Targeting the National Conference and Congress, Sethi said that the people of the state are being misled on Article 35A. Sethi said, “The state will not be of any benefit to the continuation of Article 35A. In the last 70 years, the central government has given lakhs of rupees to the state but the development was not as much as it should have been. ‘ He said that Article 35A obstruct the development of the State as it has not made external investment. Let us know that when the Supreme Court will hear the matter on Section 35A tomorrow, then the entire country will look at the court. 

Another traitor Kashmiri Muslim has taken the gun and has taken the oath to banish the zenith of Bharatmata .

.Yet there is no religion of terror …

He breathed in the air of Hindustan, consumed the food of India and took all the facilities from the same constitution of India which he had got but deceived it with that nation, against the Bharatmata who gave him all these facilities

He used to take every facility from India but he also took the training in destroying Hindustan inside and then he got caught one day, the way he was taught in the training. He took the weapon against India and shot the gunman and in the lap of the Bharatmata, he had vowed to abduct that Bharatmata. Let us tell you that another Kashmiri Muslim youth has betrayed India and joined the terrorist organization.

Arif Ahmed Mir is the name of the new terrorist who is betrayed by India. According to the news, Arif Ahmed Mir has now become terrorist from Pahalgam, the tourist spot of Anantnag district in south Kashmir. After joining militant ranks, his picture on the social media with the AK-47 rifle has become viral. According to the photograph, the identity of terrorist militant Kashmiri Muslim has been identified as Arif Ahmed Mir’s son Abdul Rahman Mir as Pahalgam.

Local people said that Arif had been missing from the house for more than a week. The family searched everywhere, but today his picture on the social media has become viral, in which he has announced the involvement of terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. It is being told that this terrorist, after furthering his fanatic religious feelings, took the oath of war with India and his army till the last breath.

Well, the time will tell only that how many shades will this traitor deliver to India, but Hindustan forces are definitely ready to bring the traitor to hell. 

After the threat of partition of the country and the war of civil war, now the warning of the annihilation of the Tricolor …

The so-called secularism showing the real colorThe country is looking at the amazing definition of pseudo-absolutism …

Hindustan is seeing a different form of secularism. Whether under the guise of secularism or politicians or the so-called intellectuals are being spoken A politician threatens to divide the country by resorting to secularism, and sometimes the chief minister of a state on which is the responsibility of running the state. The Chief Minister threatens civil war in the country and is threatened with gruesome bloodshed.

This blind definition of secularism does not end here this terrible nature of secularism, but the real nature is yet to come. The threat of partition of the country, civil war has now been warned, the life of India, the identity of Hindustan is to eradicate the tricolor. Of To protect the same tricolor whose self-respect, Indian soldiers give their lives to laugh and laugh, the tricolor does not bow down to give their necks,

The same tricolor, which flutters in the sky with every proudness of Hindustani, stands proud and the feelings of patriotism begin to grow, but the sadness is that a leader of the country is threatening to eradicate this tricolor. Tell you Let’s threaten to eradicate the tricolor: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s party National Conference MLA Javed Ahmed Rana

National Conference MLA Javed Ahmad Rana insulted the National Flag of the Tricolor and said that if the state has been teetened to 35 A and tried to remove Section 370, then the flag of Hindustan in Jammu and Kashmir will not be nominated for the tricolor. Javed Ahmad Rana threatened to tamper with Section 370 He cautioned the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and said that if this happened then the flag of India will not remain in this state. Rana said that there will be no bamboo and non-bogey flute.

NC MLA Javed Ahmad Rana said that now the Central Government wants to end the 35A by the court, but I want to warn Prime Minister Narendra Modi through the media and intelligence agencies present here today that if any of the 35 A or Section 370 If you tried to tamper with, then the flag of Hindustan will not be named in the principality,

Because Jammu Kashmir’s relationship with India is due to Article 370 and when this stream is not there, then what will be the work of Hindustan’s flag here, we will wipe out the name of the Indian flag. 

The action taken on the channels spread over fanaticism, screamed, the political party … – “Modi is doing wrong” Know who is that political party?

At the same time, more than 30 Islamic and Pakistani TV channels have been closed in Kashmir Valley.

Ever since the Mehbooba government in Jammu Kashmir and governor has been governed, Governor Vohra has been taking tough decisions after one. Recently, the Home Ministry report also came out which clearly states that during the governor’s rule, there has been a decrease in violent incidents in Kashmir and the restrictions on fundamentalism have also been curbed. 
At the same time, more than 30 Islamic and Pakistani TV channels have been closed in Kashmir Valley. After banning Islamic channels in Kashmir, a political party has screamed and said that this is being done wrong.
Let me tell you that PDP chief and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, questioned the decision to ban more than 30 TV channels in the Kashmir Valley on Sunday, instead the government should identify such ‘biased’ channels which ‘To provoke the tension’. 
Mehbooba Mufti said that Modiji is doing very wrong by banning Islamic channels in Kashmir. It would be good to remove these restrictions from these channels. It is uncalled that the government has banned more than 30 channels of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the valley. His argument is that cable operators have been prohibited from showing TV channels which are not received by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and those who spread fanaticism in order to maintain peace and prosperity.
After the central government’s order to ban Islamic channels in Kashmir, the former state chief minister Mehbooba tweeted, “The recent ban on more than 30 TV channels by asking for a threat to peace in Jammu and Kashmir is to raise questions. is. Mehbooba Mufti said that this decision has been taken from Mansavita with puravagraha and she criticizes it.