Terror is not related to anyone. Blast in Trinamool Congress office in Bengal, 2 killed, 5 wounded

West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh is also a legislator from here.

Bandhud’s businessmen have already been arrested in Bengal. Terror and terror is not a casualty of anybody. He does not see it without any reason, even if there is no one in front of it. In the support of illegal Bangladeshi and illegal Rohingyai, if the highest voice has arisen from a state, then he Is West Bengal

It will not be wrong to say that the number of illegal Bangladeshi crimes comes from the highest number of affected states. But in the end, there was another blast in the office of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s party. Mamata Banerjee is known in the present time as the biggest leader of the Secular Group.

It is known that some unknown assailants have blasted a terrible bomb in the office of Trinamool Congress in Makrampur in West Midnapore district of West Bengal ruled by Mamta Banerjee. After this blast, there was a ruckus and the atmosphere between the screams became intimidating. As long as no one could find it, two people were killed in this attack. Five people were reportedly injured in the accident 

The party’s office has suffered a lot in this attack. The explosion was so strong that a part of the building fell completely. The police arrived at the spot brought them to the dirt of the people. According to the local media report, two people died in the accident. One person died on the spot after the blast, while one person died while taking the hospital. According to initial reports, it is being told that the explosion was made from a crude bomb.

The people killed in the blast have been identified as TMC workers. The injured have been taken to the district hospital for treatment. West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh is also a legislator from here. This area has been affected by Naxalites. Police have begun exploring the reason for the explosion. 

Whose life the Left Party gave to my leftist father, he only humiliated him – Pratap Chatterjee

Somnath Chatterjee’s son is not telling the truth of the Left party?

Suddenly many years of pain came to an end that son who had seen his father giving life one moment to the leftist party.

If that son put all the left-wing leaders in the funeral of his father on such a painful occasion, he would have surely had something in his mind that would have troubled him more than the pain of his father’s death. After the demise of Somnath Chatterjee, after the demise of Bengal’s leftist leader, after the demise of all the leaders, the mobilization of all the Left leaders was given to him by his son Pratap Chatterjee.

Pratap Chatterjee has clearly said that he has no need to shed the fake tears because as long as his leftist father was alive he was expelled from his party for which he dedicated one moment of his life. It is worth noting that Somnath Chatterjee was expelled from CPI some time ago, which gave Chatterjee a lot of shock.

His son Pratap has raised this voice in the last time of his father and has raised a question like that of the Left, which is hardly his answer … by asking such a question in this enraged assembly, all the leftist leaders became helpless and quickly Returned to their destination .. 

9 needles inserted into 14-yr-old Kolkata girl’s throat as ‘tantrik ritual’, removed

She was an adopted child to the couple who had lost their son.

 Doctors at state-run hospital in Kolkata on Tuesday removed nine needles inserted into the throat of a 14-year-old girl, a senior official of the medical establishment said.

The needles were stuck inside the throat of Aparupa Biswas, a resident of Krishnanagar of Nadia district, apparently by a tantrik and it took around three hours for a team of doctors to get those out.

Initially the doctors were of the opinion that the girl had swallowed the needles.

“But it was later found out that the needles were actually inserted inside her throat from outside as a part of some kind of tantrik ritual,” a senior doctor of the NRS Hospital, where she was treated, said.

The family members did not want to disclose the cause of the needles getting inside the girl’s throat, he said.Questioning the girl, doctors have come to know that she was an adopted child to the couple who had lost their son around three years ago, the doctor added.

“After their son’s death, there was a change in the girl’s behaviour. After that the couple started consulting a tantrik,” he said.She was an adopted child to the couple who had lost their son.The girl is out of danger but will be kept under observation, the doctor said adding that the psychological consultations will be taken for the girl.

Can change the name of West Bengal ruled by secular chief minister Mamta Banerjee and it may be her new name

Know what may be the new name of West Bengal ..

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, famous for his many peculiar decisions, has taken another decision that will force anyone to think once and pay attention. From the Chief Minister of West Bengal and India’s biggest secular faces at the present time One Mamta Banerjee has now decided to change the name of West Bengal, whom she has passed from her Cabinet and sent it to the Government of India’s Home Ministry. Is also given .. 
According to the Mamta Banerjee government, the name of West Bengal should now be a bungalow which is hoped to be approved by Home Minister Rajnath Singh. After the Bangladesh itself, now the name of Bangla may also be a bungalow, cultural gathering for Mamta Banerjee. There will be a topic of … Not only that, the infiltration of lakhs of Bangladeshi people in Bengal has already been done, which is spoiling the population there. Meanwhile, Bangla name All secular classes have expressed happiness by keeping. 
However, recently the Yogi and Modi government had changed the name of Mughal Sarai, Allahabad etc. into controversy by the opposition and all efforts were made to declare it a communal verdict. Now after the name of Bangla Bharatiya Janata Party What will stand on this issue will determine the coming time. At present, the Bharatiya Janata Party has not clarified its stand on this issue.