Bollywood Superstars and Intelligentsia seems to be silent after as the #MeToo aligation come out in the Clergy 

Following the accusations of sexually assaulting actor Nana Patekar by Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta, the fire of the #MeToo Campaign has reached the prestigious people of the fields other than the film industry. Two Christian pastors have also come here in this JD for me to campaign, on which a Christian woman has accused for sexually exploiting for years. These accusations are based on two priests of the Catholic Church in Meghalaya. The aforementioned woman posted her post on Facebook on Friday and told how the clerics sexually exploited her

In this post, the woman has accused Muscus of Francis Gayle and Don Bosco Group of Christian Brothers. The woman has said that she has attempted suicide three times, but after counseling, she has been rid of this trend three years ago. He told that when he was five years old, Francis Gayle started sexually exploiting her. When he told his family about this, he beat them only. The series continued till the age of 12

After that he stopped attending Francis Gayle somehow by fear and becoming fearful of pregnancy. Francis now lives in West Bengal. About another other rapist cleric mascot, the woman has written that on the pretext of giving sweets and toffee, she used to call her behind her big desk and after that she used to have sexual abuse. She did not say anything about it, because at the same time she was facing bigger sexual abuse than Francis Gayle.

The woman said that she did not talk to anyone about the mischief done by Muscat because she was frocing Francis Gayle. The woman has said in her Facebook post that after the Meteu Campaign, she has hoped that she will get justice. The woman currently lives in West Bengal. The same muscat is the pastor of the Don Bosco group and is stationed in Shillong.