But the more profitable the social media is proving to be harmful, because the so-called frenzied people are misusing social media and are spreading the distinction of creating social instruments by posting bitter and communal postings

Another recent case between communal harmony and the deteriorating social media has emerged from Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, where some religious fanatics have made Facebook a place of insults of Hindu Goddess Deities and Hindu society Films were being posted to insult Hindu Goddesses while playing with their beliefs to flare.

After the insulting post of the Hindu Goddess Gods became viral, the local Hindu society got upset, and Hindu organizations condemned the situation and demanded his arrest besides taking action against the accused. The case is from village Amatara in Pachdevra police station area of Hardoi. According to the news, a youth of Amtara village Firoz Khan runs an electric shop in the village of Ilaias. Firoz is accused of using social media openly against other religions this day.

According to the villagers, Feroz had on August 30 shared a humiliating porn commentary against Hindu Goddess Goddess Dasar on his Facebook wall, an idol named Shohar Tiwari. This post became viral once Firoz’s post was shared. As this post became viral, there was resentment among the people of the majority society in Bharkhani and Anangpur area. After this, Hindu organizations also got their assertions, they even condemned this post and people of the angry Hindu society came to the streets.

As the atmosphere got hot, Firoz deleted this post from his Facebook wall and putting another post on Facebook, asked the people to apologize about the post put in the context of Hindu Goddess Deities. Firoz said that he had posted this post unknowingly and apologized for it. 

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