This statement of Abbi, who is proving this, is going to be filled up in Taimur. Once again, Bollywood’s disgusting statement

 No Hindustan will forget that once Bollywood’s so-called superstar Aamir Khan had said that his Bibi says that he is afraid of Hindustan. Aamir Khan said that his fear of his wife wants to go out of India from any other country. After seeing the face of the country defaming the country, the whole country was left with no problem, and after this, nationalists of the whole country had criticized Aamir Khan. 
Now once again Bollywood has given a very disgusting statement and has shown its anti-nationalism. The difference is that this time, this is a bad attempt to defame Hindustan, another Bollywood Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan. Saif Ali Khan, who is the husband of Kareena Kapoor, has named his son Taimur. Now after Aamir Khan’s wife, Saif Ali Khan has started scared in India and fear is so much that he feared that he could be killed. 
Saif Ali Khan believes that you can be killed even if you criticize the government in any way in India. Saif Ali Khan has said that if you criticize the Indian government then there is a possibility of your assassination. From this, you can predict how Saif Ali Khan should be teaching his son Timur that he lives in a Hindustan where if you criticize the government, you will be killed. 
Tell you that Saif has said this in London. Speaking to a website, Saif said, “I do not know how much criticism of a government can be done in India, someone may kill you. Saif, comparing India with London, said, “I am in London at this time. I’m talking to you about this. There is more freedom than India here people can express their views. People are protesting against trump but express their thoughts but in India, you can be killed. 
How surprising it is that Saif Ali Khan forgot to defame India by going abroad and forgetting that the Indian government also slaughters the Indian army, pledges to break India and after that there is no murder, It is said to be a revolutionary, he is called a hero 
And just like Saif Ali Khan, people who say on one side that there is no freedom to speak in India, on the other side, all those who say that the image of Hindustan is stigmatized in the world, even after it says that India There is no freedom to speaking. 

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