This is Salman Khan’s everyone’s favorite. A Hindu elderly couple crying – ‘Salman is very worst person’

This is Salman Khan’s everyone’s  favorite. A Hindu elderly couple crying – ‘Salman is very worst person’ 
This is the so-called Star of India, for which a campaign was organized for the sake of praising them. Whether they shot a deer or they were crushed by the car, but their joys were being cheered. But the one coming after one is enough to prove that whatever and whenever Sudarshan News ran and showed it was 100% truthful and authentic. 
 The only one proved once again against Salman Khan when he was never defamed for his relationship with the underworld. The elderly couple of troubling in the so-called Star Land issue. It is known that after coming to another case against Salman Khan, who has been suppressing his poisonous masculinity, many have started changing his ideology towards him.
The latest case of this time is linked to the land near his farmhouse in which his neighbor’s elderly couple has accused him of harassing them. Yes, Salman is busy in ‘Dabang Tour’ these days and recently been in the discussion for his movie ‘Race 3’, but now there is a new trouble coming in. It is reported that an elderly couple has been accused of harassing the land on Salman Khan.
According to reports coming from media sources, Salman Khan has kept alive the couple by showing fear of access, money and fear. Mumbai’s elderly couple Ketan Kakkar and his wife Anita Kakkar who have shifted from the US three years ago and now want to make their new bungalow in Panvel. But, now the couple believed that when they used to go to the farm house first. After returning from the United States, they want to build a bungalow here, they are being harassed.
In 1996, the Kakad family bought this land for 27.5 million rupees. Saleem Khan was also allowed to buy it while buying. Also, the Kankar couple has alleged that Salman has put a gate near the farmhouse, so that he can not go to the farm house. The Kakad family has also said that there are lights for the horses of Salman Khan, but the electricity is not being provided to his family. According to the family, even if the land has a proprietary right, they do not have their own home there. 

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