After Avengers End Game, Marvel studios have again come up with an entertaining, action thriller, comedic and most importantly surprising movie Spider-man:Far from from home. The reason behind Marvel Studio flourishing success lies, within their continuity which they hold period by period in each and every marvel movie they ever have released. Spider-man: Far from Home is just the same, the story of movie exactly starts after the events of Avengers:End Game.

Iron man’s snap have created certain time voids from which various kind of monsters are landing on earth and are trying to destroy humanity and peace, peter on the other hand is sad due to loss of his mentor Tony Stark and is confused how to tackle things as an Avenger. Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic in this movie as mysterio, it’s his time as a super hero which he had done perfectly.

The Movie had got 92%  Rotten tomatoes and 69% from metacritic, In India, Far from home is doing good business as Indian fans are keen to know what are the complications created by both Tony and Thanos Snap. The movie is often being claimed as exceptionally good like the previous spider-man 2 in which Tobey Maguire acted as spider-man. Spider-man:far from home is directed by Jon Watts, featuring Tom Holland(Spiderman), Zendaya (MJ), Jake Gyllenhaal (Mysterio), Jacob Balaton(Ned) and Samuel L Jackson(Nick fury)

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