10 Israeli forces once again turned their mouths towards Palestinian maniacs and turned three Palestinian maniacs into zombies.

Three Palestinians died and 376 wounded in the conflict in East Gaza Strip between thousands of Palestinian maniacs and the Israeli army in Israel.

According to the report of Xinhua, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra told reporters that three Palestinians were killed in the Israeli army attack in East Gaza City. He said that 192 people injured in the attack have been hospitalized, out of which 126 people were targeted by Israeli army with their bullets. Ashraf said that the conflict started on March 30 and was named after the ‘Grateful Mar of Returns’.

The Israeli army killed 197 Palestinian civilians and injured more than 21 thousand people. The conflict began on Friday when thousands of Palestinians were involved in the incident. Demonstrators gathered near eastern Gaza Strip and Israeli border and fired the flags after firing tires. Not only this, protesters threw stones at the stations of the Israeli army on the border with the Gaza Strip.

Security officials and the Israeli army issued a statement saying that Palestinian demonstrators attacked parts of the wire on the border and attacked the army with indigenous hand grenades and attacked them with two missiles. Islamic Jihad leader Khalid al-Bashat told reporters, “Until we get success

And if we do not reach our goal, the Palestinians will continue their performance on the Gaza Strip, while Israel says that their forces will take every step to protect Israel’s unity and integrity.

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