18 convicted of PAC in UP but 18 accused of murder of Sub Inspector Amit in Mamta-ruled Bengal were acquitted, he was leftist and his name was Sheikh Aleem, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul etc.

In the case of Meerut’s Hashimpura, 16 soldiers of PAC were sentenced to life imprisonment, so the so-called secular and intellectuals were bleeding. After the punishment was made to the PAC, it was said that this justice has happened, but no one tried to understand the feelings of the PAC soldiers. But now the court acquitted 15 people including Sheikh Alim, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul, who killed sub inspector Amit Chakraborty in Mamta-ruled Bengal.

When the police does his duty, the police are questioned and they get punished, like 16 PAC soldiers got it, but when the police are killed by the criminals, the killers of the policeman are acquitted, But why? According to the news, 18 assassinations of SI Amit Chakraborty, who were sacrificed in the attack by On Duty Leftists, were acquitted by the Siu District District Court. From the court verdict, the deceased SI wife’s wife Putul Chakraborty started crying in the court premises.

SI Amit Chakraborty’s wife said that the murder of her husband was not properly investigated. In connection with the incident, it is said that on December 3, 2014, after the information of the struggle between Trinamool and CPI (M) on 100 days of work in Auliya village of Dubrajpur police station of the district, the then SI Amit Chakraborty reached the spot with the force. During this time the criminals attacked them with a bomb. After being injured in the attack, he was admitted in a private hospital in Durgapur in critical condition.

Amit was killed on July 24, during treatment. The police, who took automatic cognizance, filed a charge against 48 people. Later, chargesheets were deposited in court in the name of 50 people. In the above case, the cases were filed against the other members including the then working president and leader of the Dinarajpur Panchayat Committee Sheikh Alim, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul. A total of 21 people were arrested in the case.

During the hearing, two people died and one of them was sent to Juvenile Court as a minor. On Monday, the first Additional District and Divisional Judge of the Siouree District Court ruled 18 people guilty of the verdict. The government counsel told that the accused were acquitted by the court. The deceased police officer’s wife has questioned the investigation. The government counsel also said that the judge has said that the incident has not been properly and accurately investigated.


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