This is the first such relief that Hindus came from Jammu to Pakistan … The unprecedented decision of the Modi Government When an impoverished country became a victim of injustice in Pakistan, then they decided to come to Hindustan. After facing endless harassment in Pakistan, he has decided that he will go to the lap of Mother India and leave everything in his house and go to Jammu.

He hoped that coming to Hindustan would change his time, his problems would be overcome, but sorry it could not happen. Even after this, they were hoping that the Government of India would take their happiness for one or a day. After the Modi government came to power in 2014, his hopes started to wings, and the time had come when his hopes were fulfilled. We are talking about the Hindus coming from Jammu to Pakistan, for whom the government has approved a plan.

Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh will be provided to every family of these refugees. According to PTI, the decision was taken in the meeting of State Advisory Council under the chairmanship of Governor Satyapal Malik. According to an official spokesperson, the Union Home Ministry had approved the proposal in June 2018 and the central government will bear the expenditure on this scheme. Commissioner of Jammu has been appointed Nodal Officer for implementing this scheme.

It should be known that in the partition of 1947, lakhs of people came to India as refugees. These people settled in many parts of the country and today they have become a part of them. According to one figure, at that time, about 5764 Hindu families had migrated from western Pakistan and also settled in Jammu. Refugees of western Pakistan settled in other parts of the country today have become permanent residents of the country. But the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is not like that

Even today, the fourth-fifth generation of people who lived decades ago are called refugees and are deprived of all fundamental rights, but the central government is now serious about them and they have decided to help them.




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