After all, who are those who live in India, are Hindustan, breathe in the air of Hindustan and get all the comforts from India but sing songs from Pakistan? Even after all this people say that their patriotism is being suspected.

This news of betrayal from Vatan and love of Pakistan has been done by Yogi Adityanath ruled Balia of Uttar Pradesh, where there is a ban on speaking of Jai and Vande Mataram of Bharatmata in an Inter College and if any student does this, then punishment is given to him and Threats are also given. The case is from Gandhi Mohamed Ali Memorial Inter College of Ballia, where for a long time the controversy over the ban of Bharatmata ji and Vande Mataram took place violently on Monday.

After the morning prayer at the school, when some students slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, the other community students attacked them, in which 6 students were injured. According to Additional Superintendent of Police Vijay Pal, in this case, the complaint of 12th student Anuj Narayan Gaur has received and a case has been registered under the IPC section. According to Anuj, he was going out of college with three more students in the afternoon and 20-25 people talked to Zindabad near the school gate and attacked him with sticks and sticks

Student Anuj has told that on October 5, he had told everyone that the action taken on the call of Bharat Mata in the college was taken after which several people of college attacked together. It is reported that after the prayer meeting in the morning, he and some of his companions started slogans of Bharatmata jai after the prayer and after that he went to class.

According to Anuj, when he was going out of school with three boys, about 20-25 people came and attacked Pakistan with slogans, poles and knives, slamming Zindabad outside the college. The police is investigating this whole case and tight security arrangements have been made in the town. But the question arises that after all this is said to be a seditious thought and how long will India continue to infect.


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