The patience of the policemen is broken … After the death of a woman soldier in Patna, the subordinates ran their own officers and ran away

Those policemen who started saluting their senior officers’ list till now, were attacking him today, they were beaten and beaten. The policemen who used to stand up on their officers yesterday, were punishing them in the hands of their staff and their senior officers. The incident is from Bihar’s capital, Patna where after the death of a female policeman’s dengue, a large number of policemen came on the road and started furiously accusing the officials of harassing them.

Tell that the policeman Savita Pathak died due to the disease of dengue. After Savita’s death, despite being suffering from dengue, the jawans started a ruckus, accusing them of not releasing them. The soldiers said that the duty was made even in the sick state, due to which Savita succumbed to death. The female jawan was originally from Siwan district. The angry female recruits firstly got the DSP of the police line. Targeted Masalehuddin. All entered their house and started ruckus.

Seeing this line DSP went to his office and tried to convince the soldier. He was still in the office that hundreds of soldiers and recruits were gathered there and started sabotage. Break TV, furniture and glass in the office. When the DSP looked back, the soldiers surrounded him and beat him with a stick. When the line DSP’s bodyguard Umesh and the other three saved him, he also suffered injuries. After this, the angry cops entered the house of Sargent Major Ashish Singh, located in the police line and started fury.

Rural SP Anand Kumar arrived on the spot as soon as news of the fire broke out in the police line. SP villagers were just talking about that new sepoys attacked them too. All of a sudden, hundreds of soldiers broke down on SP and beat them. As such, the SSP went inside the police line. They explained to the women constables. They were asked to give their demands in writing. Then, somewhere, the situation came in two o’clock in the afternoon.


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