7 years old rape done with innocent, killing again .. found dead on the mosque’s roof

On October 7, a body of a child was recovered on the roof of a mosque in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, which has now been exposed to the sanyanje. The post-mortem report revealed that the body of the girl whose body was recovered from the mosque was first raped and then she was murdered.

The family of the girl lodged a case against Muradnagar police station against four people including local former councilor Ejaz Beg. Police arrested many places to catch the accused, but success has not been successful yet. Two days ago the kidney was abducted from the house itself. After which the family had registered a case of abduction in police. The 7-year-old girl who was living in Muradnagar and another class, had come out of the house on Saturday, but she did not return

After a long time the family members were looking for him, but they could not be found. The last time the girl was seen near a mosque in CCTV nearby. The kidnapping of the girl was given to the police. On Sunday morning when an employee of the mosque reached the roof of the religious place, he saw the child’s body. The baby was covered with a sack. Ghaziabad Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna inspected the opportunity-A-Wardat. They say that the affirmation of death from the child has come from the postmortem report

The girl was strangled and her face was also marked on the face. The girl has been murdered only after her misdeed. Families say that their neighbors have an old political rivalry. The victim’s family has registered a case of murder, kidnapping and rape against four brothers, Ejaz, Naushad, Injar and Afzal. Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna says that many teams are being raided in search of the accused. Also, action is being taken on the basis of evidence and post mortem report.

The father of the deceased girl says that a few years ago, the accused Naushad was standing for election for the post of councilor, but when the family did not vote, he began to feel hostile and had a fight even a few days back. The family alleged that there were those people behind this murder. Currently all the accused are absconding. Naushad is a councilor of the area and the rest are his brothers who live next to the victim’s family.

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