About one lakh innocent people were murdered in just one year … but so far do not know the religion of terrorism

About one lakh innocent people were murdered in just one year … but so far do not know the religion of terrorism

Terrorism can not be linked to religion or religion … There is no religion of terrorism. These theories are often repeated in many countries including India, but its importance in India is quite high. Although there are such countries in the world that openly oppose the religion of terrorism, it is primarily the assumption that there is no religion of terror.

The latest figures of Islamic jihadist vandalism among the non-religious beliefs of terror are not only surprising but also quite frightening. The latest figure of Islamic jihadist vandalism is that in 2017, Islamic terrorists around the world have murdered more than 84,000 innocent people, thousands of undeserving girls have been respected,

By placing thousands of minor girls hostage to minor girls as slaves, no one, but in 66 countries, Islamic terrorists have made a dangerous plot of violence and have done the task of carrying out violence in a conspicuous manner. This figure of Islamic Jihadi vandalism and this conclusion has been given by Institute of Globe Chase, the institution of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. These figures are not airborne but these figures are skeptical, the conclusion is also skeptical.

New figures of Islamic vandalism have embarrassed the world, have put the world in worry, has forced the world to think again what the principles and policies of the prevention of this Islamic vandalism are now Even the efforts have been made, all of them have proved to be defamatory, proved to be ineffective. The scandal of violence and violence associated with Islamic terrorism is increasing day by day,

It is not just a matter of barbaric social order, but in countries with civilized and developed social order, Islamic hatred and Islamic violence have spread their legs. Now the question arises that the world is a lesson from these disgusting figures of Islamic vandalism. Will there be a chaotic campaign against Leo and Islamic vandalism?

These figures show that in 121 countries Islamic militants are active where their networks are severely active and have failed to eliminate this network by security agencies. The highest risk is higher than those countries where there is no Islamic rule, but some religious violence is continuing for the Islamic rule; Islamic terrorists say that the world must be ruled by the Quran, otherwise it will have to be victim of violence. , We will enforce the rule of the Qur’an in the whole world on the strength of the sword.

Until recently, the world had become a victim of cheerfulness that Islamic Jihad was not a problem. Now here is the question that why the world was the victim of happiness? The world had become so preoccupied that it did not develop a skeptical understanding of the concept of Islamic terrorism. After the defeat of IS in Iraq, the world had understood that Islamic terrorism and Islamic hatred have been conquered and now the world will be completely free from Islamic terrorism, Islamic hatred.

The network of Islamic terrorists who have a network in 121 countries will now be easily eliminated. New figures and new findings of the Institute for Globar Chase, a former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s organization, have proved that the understanding of the world was false and superficial. The defeat of the IS in Iraq has definitely come to an end, the Iraqi security forces have won the IS on the IS, but the IS has also become completely submerged inside Iraq.

It is difficult to say, the news is that the IS is still indirectly inside Iraq and especially in the Sunni Muslim community, still there is sympathy for IS, a conservation policy. It is important to know here that the Shia Muslim community is in majority inside Iraq and the number of Sunni Muslim communities is low. IS Sunni is a terrorist organization. The biggest thing is that the IS was only active in Iraq and Syria, where Muslim youths from all over the world went to fight for IS.

But now IS has stepped out of Iraq and Syria and has stepped out of the whole world, has established its network. In the name of Islam, Muslim boys and girls from all over the world who had joined the IS and fought for IS, returned to their respective countries after the defeat and are jehad for the rule of Islam in their own country. . Only one IS in the world is not a terrorist organization that is embarrassing, violent, or human.

There are more than two hundred Muslim terrorist organizations in the world who are directly jehadi about the beliefs of Islam. Not only that, there are thousands and millions of Muslim terrorist organizations in the world at the local level. The local level Muslim terrorist organization is also less dangerous. The local level Muslim terrorist organization prepares ground for big terrorist organizations, spreads terrorist mentality, sages militancy.

Action is very easy on a big terrorist organization, but action on active local terrorist organizations is very difficult, because their identity is highly confidential and the Muslim community recognizes the identity of such organizations as anti-Islam. This is the reason why action is not taken against the local level terrorist organizations responsible for creating dreaded terrorist organizations.

Especially in Africa, within the continent, Islamic violence has created much more trouble, and especially the women’s lives have become violent. Africa is not one country, but many countries are in the grip of Islamic terrorism. There are dozens of countries, such as Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Senegal, Ethiopia where civil war is continuing for the rule of Islam. Boko Haram is also dangerous from Islamic organization IS.

Boko Haram has vowed to end the Christianity and its target is Christianity. In Africa, there is a scourge between Christianity and Islam and violence is also at the height of dominance. While Christians are active for self defense, those who believe in Islam remain jehadis to rule Islam. Boko Haram kidnapped no one or two hundred in Africa, but several thousand Christian girls were enslaved.

Not only this, but also those who have made sex slaves, have also done abominable acts like selling to the hands of Sheikh Hasina. All these figures are a clear indication that you do not want to add terror to the religion, then do not add the vote but the world will have to stand against barbarism, genocide, in the name of Islamic Jihad, otherwise the situation ahead will be very frightening.

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