After all India bowed down to China.. After a long time, such a statement made on POK made Pakistan.

India’s neighboring country China has often been supporting Pakistan’s father of terror in Pakistan. China, which appears on most occasions against India, and always gives importance to India as much importance to Pakistan, and in every case, Pakistan is supported, that China is finally bending in front of India. China has made a statement about Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK), which is being considered as a major diplomatic victory of India, with China’s move, Pakistan has now become completely conscious.

According to the news, for the first time, China has shown Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as an actual map of India’s Jammu and Kashmir. China’s official television channel CGTN was showing a report of terrorist attack on China Consulate in Pakistan on Friday. During this time, he showed this map. Let the government of China never show a report against power.

After China’s decision, where the wave of happiness is being seen in India, experts believe that China is compelled to accept that it can not do good by going against India. At the same time, Pakistan’s stand on China’s move has been stark. Let us say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Chinging may meet this week during the G-20 summit. It will be Modi’s fourth meeting from Chinping this year.After the POK has been shown to India by China, it is expected that Modi and Jinging will meet in a very pleasant atmosphere and mutual goodwill between the two countries will grow.

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