After the Muslims, China now being aggressive against Christians … New order baffles to Europe

In the past, human rights organization Amnesty International had raised concerns about government suppression against Muslims in Shijiang, the western province of China, and said that Uyghar Muslims are being tortured in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Amnesty International had said in the report that atrocities against Muslims in China can be estimated from the fact that Muslims in Xinjiang have been kept in captivity in camps, they are prevented from studying namaz, preventing them from shaving. Used to be. There was a panic in the world after this report, but it did not make any difference to China. The Chinese government had cleared that it would not allow its country to become Syria and Libya. Sexual harassment of a 10 year old girl in Madarsa 52 year old Maulana arrested in police custody

But the news that has come from China is even more prudent. China, with atheist Communist ideology, has now numbered Christians after the Muslims, after which not only the European country but the whole world is astonished. This communist ideology is the ideology which considers religion as a poison and religions obey their enemies. People who believe in this ideology are present throughout the world

And this ideology of China has now started taking action against Christians of Muslims, whose target is not only Christian people, but also churches and pastors. According to the report, the Chinese government, including the capital, Beijing, all the large churches and churches Has ordered to shut down, demolish The situation is that there is no place for prayer in the Roman Catholic community in Henan province.The example can be seen in an official sign board outside the Catholic Church of Central China. In which children have been warned not to join prayer. Also, “illegal” churches are being dropped on a large scale in China. The Chinese government has ordered the removal of cross from the top of the church. Apart from this, the government has confiscated religious materials and sacred items printed from the church, And KG schools run by the church have been closed. Apart from this, it has also been asked to remove religious images from public places

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