After the party’s existence, the cases of suicides of accelerate d policemen in Delhi rose after the suicide. Abusive words like “thulla” and new scandal every day. Another ACP attempts suicide.

They give more duty than the time, spend the day and night in the same uniform. Together fight terrorists and criminals. With this, bank frad etc case, all matters of domestic fights are on them. But when the terrorists of the Batla House began to glorify and the police officer receiving immortality in the same battle started questioning It is natural to have a negative effect on their morale.

The pain is doubled when this morale is not breaking the people elected by the foreign or the terrorist group but the constitutionally elected people. At present, not only the people of Delhi but the Delhi police are also going through this suffering, with many officers And the youth are going to commit suicide after one tax. Certainly there is a person inside a police uniform. His family behind him, personal responsibilities etc. There are many topics that often cause mental pain for him.

But at the same time, he also has to face terrible pressure from his department, which proves to be a double beat on that uniform. But he tries to reconcile both the situation like the young man. But on the same occasion when against him The third front is opened, then its life becomes busy. This third front is terrorists, loyalists and glory of the Naxalites but chants of unarmed people, Some people who speak an agent of a party try to impose their mistakes on the police.

Recently, while describing the national calamity as a national calamity, the guilty police was adjudged as the first person, the human rights and manuals stuck in all the boards, some policemen kneel in front of this open third front, and they embrace death. For the past few years, the ratio of suicide of police personnel in Delhi has increased so much that there is someone whose policies are the protectors of society So have overshadowed the way to get them to that which is visible only death ..

The new case is linked to the suicide of ACP, which was counted among the janabs of Delhi Police. Waking up from day to day wakes up in the night, dust sunlight for society and those who are standing in the cold, make these soldiers the weapon of politics and their own Whatever the motivation of those seeking to handover, but it can not be considered right in any situation for the security of India’s capital. Now talk about ACP’s suicide. The capital came from Delhi shocking news front.

Here, an ACP rank officer allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the building of the Police Headquarters located at ITO. They have been identified as 55 year old Prem Vallabh. At the moment it is not clear what caused them to take this extreme step. It is being told that the SCP Prem Valkeq reached Delhi Police headquarters at around 9.30 in the morning and within about half an hour, he allegedly jumped from the building’s 10th floor and died.

After this incident, the Police Department is also surprised. His dead body appears to be a suicide case by the initial investigation found in the porch near the entrance of the police headquarters. However, it is not clear at the moment that why they took this step. Ball Bh, who had worked with Police Crime and Traffic Unit in Delhi, was given Police Medal for his best service in 2016. At present, detailed information is being awaiting the case.

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