Better start of day for nation. Army of Hizbul’s two  terrorists Adil and Adnan got a heap.

Until the country woke up from the morning till morning, the Junk Force of India had prepared a great news for the countrymen. The Indian army has again killed under the continuous cleansing campaign in Kashmir, two infamous terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen Those who have been created for a long time have been the enemies of Kashmir and the enemies of India’s integrity. They had consumed the country and had been betrayed by the country, the enemies of India were sitting.

He sold not only his life but his neighbors and terror masters till his life and finally all his nepak Arman was buried today, who would have been seeing arms raising his weapon against India. Be aware that the operation in Kashmir The clean thrust has caught and in this order again the army has killed two more Kashmiri and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists Adil and Adnan. The two terrorists killed Were local residents of Mir and the encounter occurred in Pmpor area.

These encounters lasted overnight in which the army had surrounded both, and both of them were successfully killed in the morning. The encounter site was the Shawli area of ​​Pampore which falls in the South Kashmir area. In this area, the army, CRPF and Kashmir Special Police Force were conducting search operations in which the militants started firing after the encounter which ended with the death of both the terrorists. According to military sources, these two terrorists The local resident Waheed Ahmed had kept his house hidden, which was surrounded.

The militant was Adil Ahmed Malangpura of Pulwama and the second Adnan Ahmad was the resident of the Brobandan area of ​​Pulwama. Large amounts of ammunition have been recovered from both of them. After this encounter, the hijab’s waist has broken, and the army’s appalling fear has rattled the terrorists.

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