The fixed meeting in September scheduled between Russian President Vladimir -Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  is expected to highlight bilateral non-defence trade. The conservation in regarding to it have been took place in the antinoal capital in the two day period from July 9 and 10 at the Second India-Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue, that accepted to present a report for the sake of boosting commercial ties.

Both the leaders have set a target of $30 Billion in trade volume to be achieved by 2022, In 2018 we have seen the trade reaching up to $11 Billion so the hopes are high for this meeting,” said Russian ambassador Nikolay R. Kudashev. One of the major point of discussion is set to be upon the Iran sanctions which are affecting trade for both the countries as well as other international countries.

The meeting was lead by Amitabh Kant and deputy Minister of the Economic development of Russia Timur maksimow. the meting focused on areas like development of transport, infrastructure, technology,agriculture,business,support, frontier technologies, tourism and connectivity. The dialogue also witness some casual moments more from the Russian side, as Mr. Maksimow said ,” many of the challenges have been disused before.As of now we need to take concrete steps to help boost bilateral trade.”


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