Brutal punishment  on speaking Hindi in Hindustan .. The place where charya Chanakya and Mahyodha Chandragupta was hoisted Hindutva flag …

Where ever Mahatma Chanakya and Mahabali warrior Chandragupta waved a great deal of Hindutva, when a student spoke in mother tongue Hindi, then he was taken as the mother of punishment and punishment was also such that humanity would also be shy. The case is from Nalanda district of Bihar, where the principal has shaved the head of the student after speaking Hindi in a Christian school. After this the student stopped going to school. After getting information about the incident, they got the case registered in the police station.

At one time in Nalanda, people from all over the world used to read and teach, nowadays it is auspicious that sentences are punished for speaking in Hindi. The incident case with the student in Khandkapar of Bihar Police Station confirms this. Here is a case of shaving off a student in St. Joseph Academy. According to Sunny Raj, a Navyman student, there is a rule to speak in English only in school. Children do not have to pay fine if they are not paid and if the money is not filled up, the head is shaved.

On Thursday, when the students reached school, they were talking to their friends in Hindi. Seeing this, Principal Babu Tea Thomas became very angry. Instead of giving punishment to the student, she sent her a salon with a school guard and shaved her head. The student who came in from this incident did not attend school the next day. When the family members questioned him after seeing his shaved head and muffled behavior, then this matter came out.

Angry family members have demanded action against the case by lodging a written complaint to SDO Sadar, DEO and other senior officials

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