Buddhists clinging like a rock in Myanmar … The pro- proverb- “The killers are called back and the bad consequences”

Where the world is trying all the way to Rohingya Muslims returning to Myanmar, Myanmar’s Buddhists have warned about Rohingyas. Because of the aggressive attitude towards the famous and Rohingya manadams across the world, the supporters of the Buddhist Virata of the entire Islamic world have announced like a rock, that if the killers of Rohingyas were called back to Myanmar, then the consequences would be very bad.

On Sunday, Buddhists demonstrated in the city of Sitwah in western Myanmar, demanded from the government that Rohingya Muslims, who took refuge in Bangladesh, would not let them return to Myanmar again. One demonstrator said that Rohingya’s return to Myanmar and restoring them in the northern areas of the protected areas will not benefit the country, but the unity of Myanmar will increase the risk of integrity, which he will not accept in any circumstance.

It is worth noting that 2,260 Rohingya Muslims who took shelter in Bangladesh’s Cax market area on the basis of the agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar had to return to Myanmar before the end of November, but due to the inadequate safety of the government of Bangladesh, Ten days ago it was stopped. In such a situation, Rohingya’s return to Myanmar can be difficult once again, because supporters of the late Brahmin devotees of Virath have declared war against the return of Rohingya Muslims.

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