Cabinet set to strengthen Anti-terrorism law ! Individual terrorists to be banned.

Modi’s cabinet is all set to approve the proposal of  NIA to empower the agency to register a and investigate terror acts on foreign soil if Indian nationals or interests are harmed. The proposed bill seeks to widen the scope of cases that NIA can investigate.

The proposed changes in the NIA act include a bill to empower the agency to carry out searches in a state without DGP’s consent. Although its not mandatory for NIA take DGP consent but it does so where a law and order situation is anticipated. NIA reach will be increased to foreign soil if Indian Nationals or interests are harmed.

While in order to ban individual terrorists the government has proposed changes in UAPA, which will help the government to easily shortlist and declare terror group chiefs as Individual terrorist. listing of an individual as ‘terrorist’ helps the government to impose travel ban, restrict access to funds and other amenities.

This bill will also help India to get the individual terrorists banned in other countries as well. The bill will help in swift actions against the terrorist and will help to fuse terror activites.

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