Chhattisgarh’s voters can learn a lot from the patriot people of the voters who kill the soldiers at the behest of some fundamentalists.

Even though in some places it is considered to be so big by raising anti-traitors and anti-social elements, but the people of Chhattisgarh who are capable of praising the power of India by taking foreign forces and gestures and weapons of mercenaries. Responding to the stereo candidates, the constitutional process was chosen and by encouraging the security forces, they have taught the traitors who are in the illusion of some frenzy. Do not come to kill stones at the security forces and chanting slogans in the funeral of the dead nefarious traitors.

Chhattisgarh assembly election: Ballet’s bullet on the bullet Voting ends in all the 18 seats in the first phase of assembly elections in Chhattisgarh at five o’clock in the evening. There are 12.5 seats of Naxal-affected Bastar division and 56.58 percent in Rajnandgaon’s 6 constituencies. Election Officer Subrata Sahu told that the elections remained peaceful.

In Chhattisgarh, 56.58% of the votes were registered in the first phase. In Kondagaon – 61.47%, in Kishakal – 63.51%, in Kanker – 62%, in Bastar – 58%, in Dantewada – 49%, Khairagarh – 60.5%, in Dorangarh – 64% and Khuji – 65.5% of voting records. has gone. Chief Election Officer Subrata Sahu said that till now the voting has been peaceful. There have been more than 60 percent voting till now except for some exorbitant incidents. At some places there has been more voting in this area. No disturbances have happened so far. In some places the machines were damaged, which has been improved.


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