Clean India campaign is flying in Pilibhit ..

In Pilibhit of UP, crores of rupees were spent in the name of development but the development was not done. Let us tell you that in Pilibhit of UP, crores of rupees were given by the government for development which included several schemes including Swachh Bharat Mission Rural India Village Development Department and Rural Development, for which the government gave crores rupees,

But due to the negligence of authorities, corruption did not lead to development which is still forced to reside in rural slums.  There are so many villages crying for tears of sadness, which are still void in the name of development. It is not that the government does not give money for development, the government gives money, but the money goes away.

And the development remains zero. One such case is that of Jangipur Jaitpur village of Barkheda Block in Pilibhit, where villagers have been deceived in the name of development, there are neither drains nor roads, the benefit of the Prime Minister’s housing scheme is also not received by the villagers. They are living in a grasshopper hut.

The same is done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project Swachh Bharat Mission, the village village toilets were spent by spending rupees but the construction of toilets was not done properly due to corruption, more than halfway toilets were shattered even before the mission was completed, Even in rural open, defecation is going on, some people have to be deprived of toilet because of political hatred.

In such circumstances, the district collector, Akhilesh Mishra, who claims to make the district ODF, will complete it because there are many such blocks, even today, fifty percent of the ODF is not available and some blocks like Barkheda and Lalooqheda ODF, but even today, 20 percent of the people There is no toilet. Let us all know that in Pilibhit district, there are seven blocks in which the ODF has also been declared in Barkheda and Lailorikheda papers.

It is also being told that since the district collector Akhilesh Mishra has taken charge, till then, there has been a scam in the dustbin that took place in Swachh Bharat Mission. Where the estimated cost of a dustbin is two thousand rupees, the same amount has been paid to the government fund for Rs. 5500 / -. When the matter came to the media, the DM gave the lollipop in the name of investigation and no action has been taken yet, although many weeks passed by the assurance. Local people say that no administrative officer can see the village, the benefits of the facilities are given to the money holders who can not afford it, they are not given any benefit of the scheme.


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