Cooperate in Shriram Temple, if not Muslims, then Guru Gobind Singh Ji is answering like Hindu society- Union Minister Giriraj Singh.

A statement from the BJP’s firebrand leader and Union Minister Mr. Giriraj Singh about the construction of Sri Ram temple in Ayodhya has caused a political resentment. Union minister Giriraj Singh appealed for Muslim cooperation from the Muslim community to support the construction of the temple, saying that Muslim communities can help in the construction of the temple, otherwise Hindus may be forced to retaliate like Guru Gobind Singh ji for their faith.

Giriraj Singh said that only the religion of Hindus was not changed from the time of Mughal period, but caste politics was done to divide Hindus into clauses. By conspiracy the Hindus were divided into pieces. In Pakistan, the temples were demolished, despite the plight of the Hindus in Pakistan, Hindustan kept the remaining Muslims in India with their chest. For this reason, Muslims of India should come forward to build a Ram Temple in Ayodhya today.

Union minister Giriraj Singh said that if Sardar Patel was the first Prime Minister of the country today, this country does not have such a plight. Today, hatred does not spread in the country. The wall of this hatred must be broken by the Muslim brothers. Giriraj Singh said that if there is no Ram temple in Ayodhya in this country having population of 100 crores Hindus, the dam will be broken by the patience of the Hindus and if this happens then the country will not be good. They did not stop here, they said, Hindus could be forced to retaliate like Guru Gobind Singh for their faith.If every Hindu of the country becomes aware then there is no need of a court or government to build a temple.

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