Criminal Javed brutually raped 3-year-old child  … all the famous names of Bollywood are intellectuals and silent

what is the thinking that every woman understands as a means of eradicating the hunger’s hunger? After all, what is the thinking that crosses all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill its lust? What kind of thinking is that which is the victim of an ill-gullible mentality, where the mother of your mother’s age is also made, even then there are even innocent young girls?

Are such people worthy of being called human, who cries with a 3 year old child, crush their childhood? The victim was a victim of a three-year-old girl of Purnea in Bihar, who had been raped by a poor girl named Javed Alam. According to the information, on Friday, the victim was playing near her house. Meanwhile, the youth of the village Javed Alam passed away. The girl was seduced and caught up to the house and made her a victim of her lust.

Upon hearing the screaming of the girl, her mother, who was making a meal in the kitchen, ran to the house and the accused saw the young man running away. Until the family could take any legal action, the accused party sat panchayat. It was told that the child’s father has gone abroad for the wages, so there was a lot of pressure from the accused side in the Panchayat. The victim was also offered a grant of Rs 20 thousand but the victim was obstructing the demand for action on the accused. Finally, on Saturday evening, the victim’s family reached Biosi police station.

And disclosed the incident before the police. Even in front of the police, the victim was helpless in pain. He was taken for medical examination. Biosi police station Subhash Baidyanathan said that police team including SI Vijay Kumar and ASI Abdul Mannan have been involved in the raid to catch the accused. SP Vishal Sharma told that police action has been started to arrest the accused. It will be investigated that there was no pressure on the relatives after the late arrival.

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