Deadly attack on devotees of Mother in Gonda, then slogans of Zindabad Pakistan in Bahraich.

The holy festival of Mother Adashakti at the end of Navaratri, during the immersion of the idol worshipers, the Yogi festivals made a fierce fight in the Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh. Two districts near the capital, Lucknow, Bahraich and Gonda Durga were burnt in tears of tension after the statue during immersion. In the Khaira market of Bahraich on Monday, the people of the particular community made slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and also made the video of sloganeering even viral.

On the other hand, three cases were filed in Colonjonj Kotwali in Gonda in connection with the furor over the Durga immersion immersion. According to Kotwal VP Shrivastav, there are 18 nominations in one case and the other six are unknown. Demolition and arson incident took place on Sunday too. It is important that the chaotic elements started pelting on the idol immersion procession that came out of the Khaera market in the Bondi police station area. Seeing the people of both communities came face to face. The people of Muslim community broke into many shops.

The CD, on the information, reached the spot with ASP Force on the people assured the action. After this, people have been able to calm the issue and immerse the Durga statues. Moving away somewhat, sculptures were stopped again. In the evening, Durga statues of Patti, Ramgarhi and Barriya villages were leaving the Khaira market for immersion. At the same time, the stone-pelting began after the people of Muslim community got assassinated. As long as people could understand something, dozens of people were injured in stone pelting.

Apart from this, there is a debate on the road during the Durga statue procession in Colanganj tahsil area on the second day of Vijayadashmi in Gonda district. In the meanwhile, the people of Muslim community blocked the Bahraich Hajurpur road while opposing it. BJP MLA Bawne Singh and Pratik Bhushan Singh tried to explain but did not believe in frenzy. Later, police of several police stations reached the spot on the spot. DM-SP was trying to explain the lags, in the meanwhile, stone pelting began at 12:00 PM. During this, DM Capt Prabhanshu Shrivastav was injured, after which the police used force too.








































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