December 1st – Salute the conscious leaders of India’s borders today on the BSF Foundation Day, which are standing in the sand of Rajasthan, in the winter of Himalayas and protecting the inhabitants of Assam.

Imagine the place where the sun is shining from above and sandal like sand belt, there is a desert storm coming in between. Going to such a place would not want to think of anything away, but there is also 24 hours of uninterrupted blinking deployment. Our nation’s watchful guard. Let’s think of those peaks of the Himalayan footsteps of thousands of feet where there is a coolness to tear the nerves, Sun Darwaja’s vision is not equal to, bullets from the front, mortar running and sometimes rocking from behind.

But there will also be standing in such places our nation’s protector. Then think in the last place where intruders across the border stand in the direction of entering the country in the night. Also, blinking in the eyes means that the boundaries of the nation I entered another illegal intruder, heavy rain from above, but there also the nation’s protectors will see you standing right there, yes, there are numerous sacrifices for India BSF team of Ajhon which limits called security forces, the foundation day ie December 1 today ..

The nation which has saluted the nation on the boundaries of the Vatan border, has received immortality for all eternity. BSF is the largest Border Security Force in the world. It came into existence on December 1, 1965. . This is a paramilitary force, which was established in the year 1965 during the times of peace to protect the borders and to prevent international crime. This force comes under the control of the central government’s ‘Home Ministry’.

Not only that, the important role of ‘Border Security Force’ in the independence of Bangladesh is beyond words. In the year 2018 BSF is celebrating its 53rd Raising Day. BSF jawans are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and fire fighting equipment to protect the country. The BSF uses thermal imaging equipment, hi-tech radars and night vision cameras to monitor the boundary. BSF jawans are posted for security of the country on a number of posts on the border about 165 km in Jammu and Kashmir.

High tech weapons are used by the BSF jawans to deal with infiltration or any unpleasant situation or attack on the border. These weapons include the armament of many new technologies including hi-tech mortar launchers and automatic machine guns. Border Security Force (BSF) will set up 50 new surveillance posts to further strengthen the boundaries of the Gurdaspur sector, which is from Pakistan. Due to the large number of land in this area being landless, it is very important in terms of security.

B S f. According to sources, this work will be completed within 1 year. Apart from this, there is also a plan to set up additional surveillance posts in other areas. These posts will be made with modular aluminum panels, which will be different in height, with BSF The activities of crossing the border will be fully monitored by the jawans.Today, the Sudarshan family repeatedly commemorate the group of the first responders of any impersonal act of the enemy country, repeatedly bow down to the departed all the sacrifices and their vows always vows to sing for eternity. Once again the BSF Repeat and warm greetings to all the presidents of the Foundation Day.

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