Devbhumi becoming Polluted day by day …Salman, who is being corrupt, is guilty of another rape..

Another sensational case has emerged from DevBhumi Uttarakhand, which is constantly infected with religious fanatic transition, after a student of Roorkee was abducted and kidnapped and taken to Muzaffarnagar, a young man named Salman misbehaved with him in the hotel. Somehow the girl got out of her clutches and reached Muzaffarnagar Police and informed the family.

The girl’s family reached the Roorkee with her and informed the police. The police has started investigating the families of the families by lodging a case of rape against the accused youth. A young woman resident of Civil Lines Kotwali area reads in a college in Roorkee. According to the news, the student college came last Monday. Meanwhile Salman got Jinna’s identity. The allegation is that the young man sniffed him into a drug and took him to Muzaffarnagar. Here the youth started misbehaving in a hotel hostage.

The girl, in some way, escaped from the clutches of the accused and reached Muzaffarnagar Kotwali on Tuesday. Here the student informed the police about the incident. After this, the Muzaffarnagar police gave information to the family. As soon as the information was received, the students of the school reached Muzaffarnagar and the girl returned to Roorkee late in the evening. Here the relatives of the Civil Lines reached Kotwali and gave Tahrir giving information about the matter to the police.

Kotwali in-charge Amarjeet Singh said that the case has been registered in the other streams including the rape of Salman, a resident of Bhangari Mahavatpur, on Tahrir of the girl’s family. The accused is still absconding and soon the accused will be arrested and sent to jail.


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