Don’t fly over disputed water, advises India to Airlines!

Indian Authorities asks airlines to change routes amid rising tensions in gulf region.

Amid tensions between Iran and America, Indian Authorities have issued an advisory asking Airlines not to fly over the disputed waters instead take an alternative route. This advisory was issued after Iran took down American Drone.

The Tensions between Iran and America are to a whole time high after Iran shot down US drone Claiming it to be flying over its airspace, Reports also surfaced that trump even ordered a retaliatory strike against Iran but abruptly abandoned the plan.

Thing started to heat up when Trump administration decided to back off from the Iran Deal claiming it to beĀ  fake deal, America then reimposed sanctions on Iran and forced India and other countries to back off from buying oil from Iran.

Iran in return threatened to scrap the Iran deal and will re-install its nuclear programme. It gave Europe the deadline to reach an understanding with US, but the talks have failed. US even sent its Aircraft Carrier in the region scaling up the tensions.

Rising tensions have forced the Indian Airlines to take an alternate routes and avoid flying over Iran airspace. Indian Navy evenĀ  sent its Destroyers to safe guard its vessels in the Iran region.

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