Due to the burden of the Syrian and Iraqi intruders, on the brink of the French Civil War … the masked on the streets are burning on the police that are attacking.

Some time ago this country was known for its chic bread and richness with the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Whether there is a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban or against ISIS in Iraq. The threat of this country’s talk at international level It was very important .. But now the same French has come to this level where people have fallen on the streets due to poverty and inflation, people have got confused with their own police and security forces.

This is the same French that has struggled with one after another terrorist attacks. The attack was not only on the people of France but also on the economy which used to be mainly tourism. Terror attacks have broken the backbone of the same tourism business, and now the same French is moving forward towards the civil war. According to some groups of protesters carrying arms on Central Paris streets. These people have handed over many vehicles and buildings to the fire.

It is believed to be the most dangerous riot of the last decade. There are fears of the involvement of all the intruders in the riots that Iraq had entered while seeking mercy in France during the war in Syria. According to sources, the buildings are giving the same to the looting. In France The situation of the worst fierce home unrest in the last decade has remained.

Not only this, the failed French government, after every effort, is contemplating to impose an emergency in this extremely difficult situation. This information was given by French government spokesman Benjamin Greaves, France’s government. In a conversation with Europe 1 Radio, a spokesman of the government said, “We have to take such action so that such actions should not happen again.” This performance has also been named ‘Yellow West’. Performers are performing yellow-colored West wear.

288 people, who were performing in France’s capital Paris, were arrested, while about 100 people were injured. On this issue, the President of France, Macroon, will be meeting with the Prime Minister and Interior Minister on Sunday evening. In this meeting, discussing the way to tackle the rioters will be discussed. The problem is that these protesters have no face, so the government can talk. All of them are in the mask in the same way as ISIS militants are in the mask

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