Without a doubt, we can say that Facebook has emerged as the one of the biggest social networking sites ever,  with over 1.4 billion active users every day or even more that. It was initially started just as a mere social site for fewer college students, but over the years it gradually  have expanded it’s user base to include larger networks , high school students, working people and much more

Despite the majority of the population who uses Facebook just  as a social chit-chatting tool, there exist a small population of user base who have identified it as a marketing tool. These limited  user base are actually the young Entrepreneur who back then due to lack of resources were unable to conduct their business, but now due to Facebook are spreading the words of their product and are doing exceptionally well in earning profit.

Operating on Facebook has no overheads, thus the model of doing business on it has been proven to be profitable since start, moreover Facebook it exceptionally affordable as well as accessible due to which  the young entrepreneurs are been able to increase the potential of their company through  deep penetrating  their roots to strengthen the customer base. The relation between the customers and the service providers have also been improved due to ease commutation through which any queries , demand, order, compliant , ratings etc can be delivered without any due time.

India have became the 6th largest economy in the world with it’s impeccable performance during the period year of 2014-2019, and  now have again targeted to become a $5 trillion economy under the Modi government, in such high tides these Young entrepreneurs have a greater chance to contribute their determination to make India a $5 trillion economy by judicially using these opportunities  available.




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