Finished politics of appeasement .. First time Haj pilgrims will have to fill the GST tax .

The government and the development of all of them, it has been seen to be quite right now and without any appeasement, the government is moving towards equally adhering to a rule. It is worth mentioning. That Haj pilgrimage will be more expensive this time. The pilgrims now have to give 18 percent GST on air travel. Last time GST had to pay 5 percent. In addition to GST, this time UDF and PSF (Saudi tax) will also be given.

Haj Committee of India has issued Hajj’s guide line. According to this, the amount of Haj pilgrimage will be deposited in three parts, whereas in the previous Haj pilgrimages, the amount has been deposited in two installments only. Parmi Khan Warsi, the founder of Bareilly Haj Seva Samiti, told that the first installment of Haj for the first installment of 81 thousand rupees and the second 1.20 lakh rupees will be deposited at the end of 2019. The remaining third installment will be fixed after the financing of Bank and Saudi Riyal. According to the Indian currency, according to the difference of Azizia and MCNVZ category, they have to pay.

However, the opposition has started in this case. On the occasion, a meeting was held at the office of the Civil Lines office of Bareilly Haj Seva Samiti against GST. In this, Mohsin Irshad, the in-charge of the committee, demanded the removal of GST from the Haj pilgrimage from the Indian government. He said that Haj is his religious journey. According to his own statement, Muslims go to Saudi Arabia to pay their Haj effect, not to do business, so Haj travels should be kept free of GST .Haz trainer Haji Yasin Qureshi said that GST and Saudi tax UDF and PSF should be done on Haj pilgrimage. Haji Saqib Raza Khan, Haji Abdul Latif Qureshi, Haji Tahir, Nihal Khan, Ahmed Ullah Warsi, Shahid Raza etc. were present in this meeting.

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