Huge grief over Navaratri … Happiness when Hindu organizations shut down meat shops.

On the day of the famous city Gurudram Navaratri named after Cyber ​​City, heated once again when Hindu organizations started closing meat shops. Hindu organizations said that during the festival of Navaratri do not open any meat shop anywhere in Gurugram.

Let us know that before this, Hindu organizations had protested in Gurujram regarding reading Namaz in the open. Apart from this, after the protest of Hindu organizations in Gurujram, the mosque was also sealed in Gurujram, after which there was a lot of tension in the city. According to the news, this morning, people of Hindu organizations came out on the streets by creating a group under the banner of the United Front and forcibly got the meat shop open, forcibly stopped them.

Hindu organizations say that they will not open any meat shop in the city during Navratri. Hindu organizations say that they had already requested the district administration through a memorandum that they should pass orders that the shops of the meat shops in the city were kept closed during Navratri. But if the administration does not take any action, then we will have to step on our own.

Rituraj, Haryana State President of the Hindu army, says that during the Ramzan, when the central government can order that the intestines will not be killed then why the religious sentiments of Hindus are not taken care of. Rituraj said that Navaratri is a sacred festival of our society, then in such a town the shop of meat is not accepted by them.

On the demand of Hindu organizations, the district administration says that it is the work of the municipal corporation that the meat market is illegal and should be closed. But no one can forcefully stop those who have been licensed. If someone closes in such a manner, then action will be taken against him

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