“I believe Hindus and Muslims are not human, Sajid is very good and I will marry him” … Then what happened ??

He used to call himself Modern and he believed that Hindu organizations work to spoil social harmony. He had said that he believes Hindus but not humans. He had said that Mohammed Sajid is a very good boy and he will marry her.

And then he converted to Islam and converted to Islam and married Muhammad Sajid. He did not even imagine what happened after this. Mohammed Sajid gave him three divorces and fled on the bus stand and ran away. The matter is of the Eta of Uttar Pradesh. According to the news received, Sajid initially implicated the girl in her love, then converted her religion and married her and the accused also gave her a miscarriage

Later, three divorces called him down and turned him down. Now the victim has pleaded the justice to the SSP. On the order of the SSP, a report has been registered in Kotwali Nagar. The police is investigating and investigating the accused. A young woman from Kottwali Nagar area told that Mohammed Sajid resident of Marhar Darwaza trapped her in her love affair. Put the condition of change of religion for marriage. Two years ago, the young man’s family had converted his religion to Sajid’s marriage

After the woman got pregnant, Sajid aborted her. Not only this, on September 28, the accused left him on the bus stand of the city giving him three divorces. The victim’s information was given by the victim to the kin. When the matter increased, the panchayat was convened to settle the case on both sides. Even after this the accused did not adopt him. Disturbed by this, the young woman has reported the case of Kotwali Nagar, Mohammad Sajid against her brother, mother and other people have filed a report.


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