If you want to give a gift in my marriage, then it will be a gift to Modi ji … a passion for Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi .

Whatever the critic of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi may say, but for the Prime Minister Modi ji in reality, the craze in the youth of the country is not hidden from anyone. That is why Modi’s grim opponents also acknowledge that the Prime Minister among the people has a very good hold of Modi. Modi ji go anywhere, whether it is college or any other program. To see a glimpse of Modi ji, crowd of people has come to listen to Modi ji.

One such demise of Prime Minister Modi has come out, which has printed the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his wedding card and has requested Modi to vote for gift in the marriage. We are talking about Praveen Someshwar, who is from Karnataka and is a Jatra fan of Prime Minister Modi. Praveen Someshwar is going to marry Hemlata on December 31 To make his wedding card memorable, he has printed the picture of PM Modi.

At the same time, the message of the achievements of the Modi government has also been done in the card. Pravin Someshwar has written on the wedding card that it is a gift for us to vote for PM Modi. This wedding card is becoming very viral on social media these days. Praveen said that this is a small step taken by us to salute and praise PM Modi’s work. Pravin says that our Hindustan is moving forward under Modi’s leadership, so he is with Modiji.

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