The New India of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is achieving the heights of success day-by-day, unlike past years where the progress was triennial. India today holds a respectable and honourable rank among the prestigious group of organisations which includes the most developed countries around the globe. The citizens of India, today feel proud for their country’s rapid, judicial, energetic,and technical growth in context to which Vande Bharat Express did have set an another milestone.

Also know by the name Train 18, this desi Indian transport has now became the the most favourite train among the citizens of India, through it’s impeccable speed, awesome punctuality and polite services. As a tyro only this train have set high standards values among  despite of criticism it revived before the time of release, but have later shut all those mouths who chatter more do less. The life line of  Indian railways have been seemed to be blessed by such performance and hopes are high for further progress as seemed from the tweet by the man without whom it would have not been possible ever, our railway minister Piyush Goyel.

Born on 13th June 1964 in Mumbai to Chandrakanta Goyal and Ved Prakash Goyal, he have been serving as a member of B.J.P since 28 years, his mother  have been three-time Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Maharashtra from B.J.P as well as his father have served as the Union Minister for shipping in the Third Vajpayee ministry from 2001 to 2003, with such a strong political and exceptional background we are blessed to have him as one of our Minister of Parliament.

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