In another Islamic country, the war began to be slaughtered in one another. More than 150 dead bodies have fallen in 24 hours..

After all, what is the thinking that slaughtered innocent people on the basis of religion? What is that thinking which ever explodes bomb in religious places and kills the devotees of God, then they become a fidayeen in public places and heapons of corpses? The most surprising thing is that when this thinking does not succeed in killing non-religious people, then in some way, they start their slaughtering after considering their own religious people as non-religious.

All this is happening in Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq where Islamic terrorist groups are constantly killing people. These terrorist groups form terrorists in Hindustan and other countries based on terrorists, then in these countries they have the same base, but their scale of measurement is changed and people are taken to know. There is news from another Islamic country like Afghanistan, Syria, where the conflict has started, which has killed more than 150 people in the last 24 hours.

According to the news, these conflicts have occurred in Islamic land Yemen, where between government supporters and rebels, there has been a clash between the last 24 hours, in which at least 150 people have died. The battle between Hutti rebels and supporters of the government or the army is being fought in Hondaiya city of Yemen. Yemen’s military said on Monday that it has killed seven civilians. According to sources, more than 100 Hunti rebels have died in this encounter.

It is being said that Saudi Arabia is also attacking rebels in this fight. Explain that this port city located in the Red Sea is occupied by Hunti rebels since 2014. Hodaida is a major city to enter Yemen with sea routes. Yemen’s government-backed military and Saudi-backed forces have said that it has succeeded in overthrowing several rebels from the Hodadea port.

It is being told that till now 110 rebels have been killed in the entire city, at least 32 other people have died, in which there is a civil and government-backed army. It is being told that the war between the rebels and the government-backed army has been going on since November 1 in Hondaiya city of Yemen, in which about 600 people have died so far. Hondaina is the most populous city in Yemen. According to media sources, Islamic country Saudi Arabia has been receiving violent intervention in Yemen for many years, in which millions have lost their lives.

Saudi has alleged that Yemen is their neighbor, where the Hurriyat rebels get support from Iran. Saudi accusations that Iran is providing weapons to the rebels and that they are using against the Kingdom, while Iran has repeatedly denounced these allegations of Saudi Arabia. At present, tremendous strife and massacre are continuing in Houdeda of Yemen.

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