In India, there is a loss of illegal Bangladeshi in Shiva’s city, in Chandoli next to Kashi.

It is like a canker for India, which many believe that if it is not passed quickly, then it will appear in the fatal format in the coming time. It is going on. Those illegal Bangladeshi people who are becoming frustrated for the nation, In Delhi, a Hindustani youth was beaten to death in Delhi. Now these intruders have knocked on Mahadev Shiva’s city Kashi’s neighboring district Chandauli.

It is worth noting that only recently the Bangladeshi infiltrators have been dubbed the holy city of Lord Krishna, Mathura. The alert police of Chandauli, the last time, kept the illegal Bangladeshi disappearing and the fear of the society provided to the fearlessness .. know that according to information received from our Chandoli correspondent Prashant Singh, Chandauli police arrested Bangladeshi intruder showing tenderness done .

It was further told that all the youths who were arrested illegally in the rental room, were in the custody of the vicious youth to get permanent citizens through the Fajji Aadhar card, the mobile phone fake ID recovered with cash, after the information received in the police department, Investigating agencies, including Lieu IB, questioned the arrest of Dulhipur from the Mughalsarai Kotwali area.

After this arrest, the local people breathed in relief and praised the activists of Chandoli police. Inquiries are being conducted with the infiltrators arrested, after which the other illegal intruders, those who make them shift here and fake identification letters, The possibility of disclosure is being expressed ..

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