Israelis replying to 1 stone-killers two bullets … 4 stone Palestinians and dead..

What kind of action should be taken against the enemies of the country, the language of unity and integrity of the country should speak in which language of rabbis, India or any country should learn from this country of Israel. Israel, which is considered to be the enemy of the entire Islamic world for aggressive action against Islamic terrorists, has once again adopted the same stand against Palestinian maniacs which he has always adopted.

Tell you that the Israeli army has given the answer to the stones of Palestinian stoneblocks and shot four stone slabs. According to the report of the Palestinian Infamous Center, the soldiers of the Za’ni regime once again fired on the fateful March that four Palestinian people have so far died and dozens injured. This week’s return was slogan “Gaza is Datta and not bending.”

According to the news, on the return March, Israeli soldiers fired wildly and fired tear gas shells and 4 Palestinians were killed in the firing of Israeli soldiers. It is known that in the Palestinians rally in the name of the withdrawal March beginning March 30, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the firing of Zaoyoni soldiers, while more than 22 thousand have been injured. This rally is taken every Friday on the border of Gaza and Israel.

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